10 Best Salad-Making Tools – Top Salad Gadgets for Your Kitchen

 10 Best Salad-Making Tools – Top Salad Gadgets for Your Kitchen

salad spinner with vegetables

Planning to try a new salad recipe? There are so many fun ways to incorporate salads into a healthy dinner routine whether it’s putting a salad on a pizza or making a DIY chopped salad bar. But if the thought of preparing all the ingredients for a salad scares you, we’re here to help!

To find out how easy it is to incorporate delicious fresh salads into your weekly dinners, we asked Erin Merhar, Director of Food at ThePioneerWoman.com, to share her thoughts on the best salad tool you can buy now. “The salad spinner is one of the most used gadgets in my kitchen!” he said. “It’s the key to cleaning and then removing excess water effectively, without wasting tons of paper towels. It’s also great for cleaning all kinds of leafy vegetables.” With Erin’s favorite salad spinner, we included her selection for a product storage container and other tools for dicing and cutting salad ingredients. There are even a few handy tips on shaking up your favorite salad dressing recipe and food storage options for lunch at work.

Most of these products are budget friendly, easy to add to your kitchen. Products like salad spinners, food choppers, vegetable peelers, and mason jars all make it easy to cut, mix, and dress your favorite salad. So if you’re looking to upgrade your kitchen appliances, purchase some of our recommendations below!

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Best Salad Spinner

OXO Good Grips Great Salad Spinner

“When storing salads green, excess moisture is the enemy!” Erin said. If your lettuces are wet or wet, they will get faster and they won’t stick to the delicious salad dressing. In general, without a salad spinner, you’re likely to have a sad salad. This one from OXO is durable, easy to use, and dishwashing safe.


Best for Service

The Pioneer Woman Melamine Mixing Bowl Set

A large bowl might look like an obvious kitchen meal, but it’s more important for tossing and serving a salad. These covered melamine bowls from the Pioneer Woman collection can be straight from the kitchen to your outdoor cooking. Plus, the flower patterns are so cute!


Best for Keeping Vegetables Fresh

OXO Good Grips GreenSaver Produce Keeper

Erin loves to use this storage container for her washed and dried salad vegetables. “The perforated interior basket and air vent at the top allow airflow to keep the vegetables dry even when fresh, and the tall, rectangular shape makes efficient use of space in my fridge,” he says. It works by using a carbon filter to trap ethylene gas (the natural gas that ripens fruit and vegetables) so you don’t get carried away by dried vegetables or mushy tomatoes.


Best for Salad Dressing

Ball Mason Jars

Is there anything more practical than the mason jar? Not only are the jars useful for storing fresh vegetables, but they’re also a fun container for carrying individual salads (try making Ree’s Layered Salad in mason jars for your next picnic). In addition, mason jars are the perfect tool for dressing the salad. Just add your salad dressing ingredients, close the lid, and put it in the refrigerator. Then, shake it before sprinkling with the salad — it’s easy!


Best for Chopped Salads

Salad Chopper and Stainless Steel Salad Bowl

If you want to pretend you’re at one of the delis making chopped salads, this tool is for you! The stainless steel bowl and slicer combo allows you to cut all of your salad ingredients in one go — and in little time! The product description recommends the use of a “cutting and rotating action, rather than rolling or shaking.” Try it with Ree’s Ranch Chopped Salad.


Best for Lunch Salads

Bentgo Salad Container

Make every day ‘bring your salad to work day’ with this easy food container. This will separate all of your salad ingredients so you don’t have to run out of soggy salad again. The dishwasher -safe glass bowl has a tray with four compartments, a non -slip dressing container, and even a handy fork.


Best Salad Servers

Olive Wood Paddle Salad Servers

These salad servers are carved from natural olive wood. They are easy to maneuver for mixing your salad ingredients and they will look great on your dining table. Now, that’s a win-win!


Best for Preparing vegetables

Trio Peeler Set

Useful for more than just removing the skin from apples, a good vegetable peel can also be used to make beautiful ribbons of carrots or zucchini to add to your salads. You can even use it to shave pieces of parmesan cheese into your Caesar salad. We love it with three heads in different sizes.


Most Innovative

Toss and Cut Salad Tongs

Skip the chef’s knife and try chopping your vegetables – using scissors! This fun gadget makes it easy to prepare chopped salads right in your serving bowl. The stainless steel blades are sharp enough to cut vegetables and fruits without contaminating your cutting board.


Worth a Splurge

AeroGarden with Gourmet Herb Seed Pod Kit

If you live in an area where an outdoor garden is not possible or you don’t have a green lawn, this countertop garden will make it easy to harvest your own fresh vegetables and herbs. ! The hydroponic garden can grow up to 6 different vegetables or herbs, with no soil (or turbulence). Choose from salad greens, peppers, basil, and more.

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