10 Social Media Hyped Kitchen Gadgets You’ll Actually Use – LifeSavvy

 10 Social Media Hyped Kitchen Gadgets You’ll Actually Use – LifeSavvy

Someone uses an automatic pepper shaker, someone cuts a salad with scissors, and someone uses the shape of a pork egg separator.

Like any big box store, the internet is a treasure trove of things you don’t need, but still want. If you’ve been browsing kitchen gadgets and are wondering what exactly to get, we have a few recommendations.

From food preparation stations to cooking oil dispensers, there are special devices for any kitchen job. If others are interested in you, but you’re not sure if you need to add them to your cart, we’ll help you sort the useful from the useless.

Automatic Salt Grinding and Pepper Shaker


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If these automatic salt grinding and pepper shakers look familiar, it’s probably because we’ve recommended them before. These handy tools give you freshly ground pepper and coarse salt if requested.

If you flip these “shakers,” you will never shake them. A built-in electric grinder grinds the salt and pepper, and then gives them to your food. Plus, thanks to a blue light at the top of each dispenser, you can see the exact amount of seasoning you can get.

Food Prepdeck


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Do you feel that you cannot keep your food preparation organized? Meet the Prepdeck. This kitchen interior and storage facility is great for anyone who does a lot of food preparation or likes to have fun.

Five clear plastic bins are perfect for storing vegetables, dips, or cheese. Covers are included, as well as attachments, such as graters and slicers, to simplify your preparation process. The cover also doubles as a cutting board, and you’ll find a handy side section for storing knives and other tools.

The base can also be used as a trash can for food scraps, and it is easy to remove and empty. The entire unit can also be placed in the fridge — quick peasy!

Whether you’re planning to take your dinner outside on the grill or are tired of the cluttered post-prep counters, Prepdeck may be just what you need.

Olive Oil Dispenser Set


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Measuring any cooking oil can be confusing. Not only do you have plenty of shedding opportunities, but you also have earth spoons and measuring tools. In addition, some of us can easily overuse our oils. That’s where the viral oil dispenser set comes in.

This dynamic duo each has a large base container that you can fill completely, and a pump on the top with dimensions. If you press the pump, the top will be filled with one tablespoon at a time, but it will hold three tablespoons in total. Then, you just pour in your measured amount of oil.

The second bottle for dedicated mister. Just pour your oil into the dispenser, and then pump it with air. Once fully primed, you can spray it like you would any aerosol can.

Silicone cooking rings


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You will make your eggs perfect every time you have these available silicone rings. They actually have a variety of uses, but the most obvious is to help you make the perfect round, breakfast-sandwich-ready eggs. To use it, simply place one on the pan with oil, crack your egg inside, and cook it.

Not so much a human egg? Don’t worry — these beauties are still usable because you can also use them to make perfect pancakes, or even some fritters. In fact, you can even use it to make hamburgers that fit the bread perfectly.

A Milk Frother


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We’ve admired the qualities of milk frothers in the past, but their strangeness deserves to be restored, and the internet seems to agree!

Zulay’s handheld model is a real game-changer (and money saver) if you always hit the coffee shop. With this baby, you can turn any simple old machine -made coffee into a bubbly, creamy treat. This can make your mornings brighter, especially when you notice how much money you have saved.

A Salad Chopper


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Want a chopped salad but don’t want to slice and slice all the lettuce or cabbage? If so, these cutting scissors are your new BFF!

It features stainless-steel blades with serrated blades that slice vegetables. The extended handles also prevent you from getting the salad dressing on yourself (and on the counter, and on the floor, and on the cat) when you’re cutting.

There’s even a scoop built in so you can slice and serve!

An Egg Separator


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Whether you want a delicious egg white omelet in the morning or a lot of cooking, you need this beautiful shape of pork egg separator in your life.

Not all of us are pros at cracking eggs and using shells as separators. And who wants to dig the yolks out of a bowl? This cute separator will make all your breakfasts eggcellent!

To use it, you just squeeze the little piggy on the side, and then gently put his mouth into the yolk. Release the sides, and he will absorb that yolk immediately. Just press again to clear the yolk in another bowl.

Angry Mom Microwave Cleaner


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Make cleaning your microwave easy with this set-it-and-forget-it tool: the Angry Mama. This is another one we’ve recommended before because who doesn’t love not having to clean the microwave?

This simple, yet fun, cleaning tool is like a mom’s, and you’ll know she’s upset if she starts to steam inside your icky appliance.

To use this tool, you fill him with vinegar and water, and then microwave him for seven minutes. If Mom gets angry, any leftover leftover food will disappear there. When he finishes his work, you wipe the gun and call it a day.

Snap-On Strainer


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Always worried about burning yourself or dropping food when straight? Start the snap-on strainer. This unique convenient tool makes speeding up and unloading easier than ever.

Made of silicone, it has metal clasps that break easily in pots or bowls. Once it’s attached, just tilt your bowl or pot — you can squeeze one hand.

Whether you make a lot of pasta, beans, canned vegetables, or cooked chicken, this gadget will easily pay for itself! You no longer have to balance a full pot in one hand and a strainer in the other again.

A Breakfast Sandwich Maker


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♬ original voice – Kellie Atkinson

Have you ever tried making the perfect breakfast sandwich, which just ended in a crooked mess? Meet the Hamilton Beach Breakfast Sandwich Maker! This unique invention allows you to make a homemade McMuffin easily.

To use it, just add your English muffin, meat, and cheese. Then, on the next layer of the machine, crack your egg. Top everything on the other side of the muffin, cover with a lid, and cook.

When done, you can have a perfect round, delicious breakfast sandwich — no need to drive-thru!

If you spend any time online, you will see countless gadgets being marketed as the holy grail of kitchen appliances. We chose 10 that will make it easier to prepare food, cook, or clean. If you’ve already ordered your favorites, check out these viral cooking hacks that are the real deal to save yourself even more time!

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