11 Best Gadgets to Make Life Easier

 11 Best Gadgets to Make Life Easier

zip cords
Source: Lock Laces/Amazon

Eliminating the need to tie your shoes literally saves you minutes every day. When faced with saving minutes of your day and also being the person with the coolest shoelaces, it’s hard not to buy this product. But in fact, with these laces, you can turn any shoe into an easy slip-on dress and save yourself from discomfort.

bread cake decoration
Source: Lesirit/Amazon

Baking and decorating cakes is an art, but sometimes you want to try your hand at the process. Instead of fooling around with confectioner’s bags and getting icing everywhere, you can use this icing pen to give you the perfect amount, every time.

sugru molding putty
Source: Sugru/Amazon

If you’ve never used Sugru putty before, it’s time to get your hands on some. This magical putty can be used to heal everything, except relationships. Please don’t Sugru your ex, it might get worse. Sugru can be used as a ceramic glue, or even to make a quick part to repair other handy gadgets. At just US$12, it’s an item every handyman needs in their drawer.

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