$5M donation boosts Ford, MSU health initiative

 $5M donation boosts Ford, MSU health initiative

Metro Detroit philanthropists Ron and Heather Boji have announced a $ 5 million dollar donation for a health science center that houses Henry Ford Hospital and Michigan State University.

The donation will fund the Health Sciences Center for the joint research work, a building that will serve as the “epicenter” of the discovery and innovation initiative, according to MSU President and physician Samuel L. Stanley.

Ron Boji, speaking to his wife, Heather, on his right, made a foundation donation of $ 5 million to the 30-year Accelerate Innovation partnership between Henry Ford Health and MSU, which will encourage research and discovering health in Detroit.

Wright Lassiter, president and CEO of Henry Ford Health, said the initiative is intended to be a catalyst for change in health care.

“Together our organizations have the collective knowledge, skills and drive to begin a new era of medical education and research excellence that will change how people receive and experience care, “said Lassiter.

The donation from Bojis marks the partnership’s first major philanthropic commitment. For Ron Boji, president and CEO of the Boji Group, and an MSU alumnus and board member of the Henry Ford Foundation, the donation is personal.

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