A second-hand fashion platform focused on wedding gowns and evening wear

 A second-hand fashion platform focused on wedding gowns and evening wear

Weddings are wonderful occasions to celebrate the couple’s love and devotion to each other, but these events to each other produce too much waste. One -time use of decorations, ribbons and plastics, extra food, and wardrobe makes weddings less friendly and unsustainable. The wedding dress is probably the most unsustainable purchase in the bride’s wardrobe. Many brides spend large amounts of money on well-made designer bridal gowns that, after ringing the bells, are usually kept. Unless they pass the dress on to their daughters when the time comes, these beautiful white dresses often never see the sunlight again.

Circular Collective
Photo: TA I The store sells preloved luxury wears, wedding gowns, evening wear, and accessories

Knowing how much waste is generated from weddings after her own wedding, Juliana Lo founded Circular Collective to help brides make more environmentally friendly choices for their special day. Launched in November 2021, Circular Collective is one of the newest second-hand fashion platforms to engage Hong Kong’s growing industry helping to close the circularity gap in retail. The store sells preloved luxury wear, wedding gowns, evening wear, as well as accessories such as shoes and bags, some used and some no longer worn with the tag. Gowns and dresses start from $ 1,000 upwards depending on the item.

“When we launched the platform, we also thought about how the pandemic would impact customers’ purchasing decisions, ”Lo shared. “People are a bit picky when it comes to shopping. Yes, shopping online is easy, but people are a bit more reserved. They don’t want to splurge, and most make a reasonable purchase,” he added. In addition to selling preloved items, the platform picks up shipments, and sellers can recover their items if they want at any time with impunity. “With town bans, we never have weddings and formal events to attend, so the Circular Collective is also calling on people to clean their closets,” Lo said. “We only rely on individuals who want to sell their pieces on a shipment basis, because we don’t buy any stock to avoid further wastage and add dead stock,” he added.

Circular Collective
Photo: TA Customers can schedule an appointment to visit the showroom

Aiming to help the fashion and wedding industry reduce their carbon footprint and encourage others to do the same, the company also provides event planning services to help brides and grooms make sustainable choices for some celebrations. The company is comprised of creative talents focused on design, technology, F&B services, and event management.

For events, to minimize waste, they source F&B providers with long-term plans for food preparation, rent decorations instead of building from scratch, and wedding preparations use as little fresh flowers as possible. Customers who want to inquire about their services and check existing stocks of preloved items can schedule an appointment to visit the showroom.

“We need to look at ways to make the industry more sustainable. We can do this by feeding the circular system,” Lo said enthusiastically. “We need buyers and sellers to keep it going and every consumer will do a small part to reduce the carbon footprint and encourage others to do the same,” he concludes.

Circular Collective is located at Unit 810, 8/F, Block B, Sea View Estate, 4-6 Watson Road, North Point. Access some collections online at ccollectives.com. If you would like to visit the showroom, book your appointment by email [email protected] or reach them via 6083 9993.

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