AI is the way forward for Home appliances and other gadgets

 AI is the way forward for Home appliances and other gadgets

AI, artificial intelligence

AI is the future

AI or commonly known as Artificial intelligence has taken the world by storm. With the most renowned example of AI voice assistants, the convenience it provides makes it a common household name. The most important advantage of artificial intelligence is the ‘interactiveness’ it provides to the user. As the name suggests artificial intelligence is intended to be as close as human can be to an actual living creature. AI works by playing into the sociability factor of people as a group and therefore responding to it. Examples of these are Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant.

With the success of AI and powered aspects of the Internet of Things- a technology that allows more interconnectivity between home appliances and appliances, people are encouraged to invest in smart gadgets powered by both (AI and IoT).

Why AI?

Artificial Intelligence-powered gadgets are designed to provide the highest efficiency not only in the capability of the appliance but in a size that suits the needs of the actual consumer. Today, with the aggressive use of technology in gadgets, it is safe to believe that home AI devices are sure to be even better. In addition, people are still wary of adopting new technologies that add a fun factor to their use, AI-powered gadgets also provide a much higher value addition.

AI gadgets and the maker

The life of any brand depends on the many returns on its products that the brand owner can provide. It is safe to think that most new launches of any brand are first and foremost driven by intellect. Insight can mean many things such as new industry trends or an addition to an existing product range. Artificial Intelligence -powered gadgets are not only well -made but allow manufacturers to also track user behavior and understand the current needs of the market in general.

Air Conditioners with AI are now able to read the room literally and cool the room for the exact length of time required by the user and use modes like auto shut and restart when needed. This is all made possible because the apple gadget not only reads the customer’s behavior but also uses it in its functionality to provide the best possible use.

AC, AI and the IoT

It has become a necessity for modern homeowners who need each of their gadgets to be technologically advanced to ensure connectivity to the primary voice assistant of choice. Interconnected devices also allow for example the use of mobile devices to operate household appliances without one being there. And, now it is also seen as a way to conserve energy to some degree.

Not only should we look at the advent of such technologies as a way to broaden the perspective of products just for the sake of modernity but we should also reflect on its current use while keeping in mind future needs. also. And, that is only possible if the data collected by manufacturers through their technology -powered gadgets is not only monitored but also understood at the human level. This insight collected will also help brand owners also bring about changes to their baseline product portfolio, which can be a winning competition to beat the product and other high-end gadget.

(The above article was originally written by Avneet Singh Marwah, CEO SPPL, Exclusive Brand Licensee of THOMSON in India and all thoughts personal. India TV has no responsibility for this)

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