AI Maturity Survey Analysis Report 2022: Technology Vendors

 AI Maturity Survey Analysis Report 2022: Technology Vendors

Dublin, May 13, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – The “Global AI Maturity Survey Analysis” report was added to by offering.

The study offers technology vendors and service providers an insight into AI readiness in terms of parameter selection to identify potential customer value creation opportunities and help end users understand the level of maturity of the overall scene.

AI has the potential to provide significant benefits for economies and society – from enabling new business models and pushing operational efficiencies to delivering accurate predictive outcomes.

As AI promises to generate huge amounts, organizations are starting to adopt it. However, deploying AI is a journey as organizations range from exploring relevant technologies and use cases to constantly embedding the technology into business functions. Therefore, it is important to analyze the readiness or maturity of organizations for technology deployment.

The publisher has developed a 4-stage AI maturity framework that considers many dimensions such as AI strategy and roadmap articulation; data readiness; regulation, compliance, and policy alignment; and technology and deployment phase. To assess AI maturity, the publisher conducted a global survey of more than 700 organizations, whose maturity levels were surveyed. The study highlights important insights about AI maturity.

Top Topics:

AI Maturity Framework

  • AI Maturity Framework
  • Basic Findings
  • AI Maturity in the Region
  • AI Maturity by Industry

Global AI Maturity Analysis

  • AI Maturity – Dimensions
  • Strategy and Roadmap Articulation
  • Data Readiness
  • Regulatory, Compliance, and Policy Alignment
  • Technology Implementation

Way Forward

  • Businesses Seek Data Migration and Integration Support and Create New Opportunities for Third-party Service Providers
  • IT Service Providers are Well Positioned to See Growth Opportunities, Due to Their Integration Capabilities, Focus on Emerging Technologies, and Industry Knowledge in Addition to Product Quality /Services, Technology Vendors and Service Providers Need to Focus on Data Security

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