Alaska Airlines Hangs Up On Customer After Three Hours On Hold

 Alaska Airlines Hangs Up On Customer After Three Hours On Hold

Alaska Airlines hanged a customer after a three -hour stop. Just after purchasing an Alaska Airlines ticket, Carole Perri told Travel Noire that she knew she was wrong on the departure date. Within hours of receiving the final itinerary, Perri tried to call the plane to fix it. The retention period is approximately two to four… HOURS!

Perri believes after hours and without the airline’s customer service. So, he called back the next day. He received the same automatic message telling him that the wait time was two to four hours. Perri found a 3rd party app, called Get Human, that would wait for him and then call him if Alaska Airlines took over. He ordered a call back at 2:41 p.m. and did not receive a call until 5:50 p.m., three hours later.

Alaska Airlines Suspends Customer After Three Hours Hold
Carole Perri, screenshot

When Perri accepted the call, he was still holding Alaska Airlines. Determined to fix the issue and with no known way to resolve it, he waited.

Carole Perri, screenshot

During the wait, Perri also tried to text Alaska Airlines. After 20 minutes, a representative responded. Changing the reservation will cost more money, even if he or she first calls before the 24-hour change guarantee. According to the representative, “There is no change fee, only the difference in fare will apply. I’m sorry, but I can’t get paid for the text. ” The conversation ended immediately. Perri continued to wait holding the phone.

The same song was played over and over again as time went on. An hour. Two hours. Perri watched, Life Below Zero as he waited in line. “At least I knew I could change my ticket because the person texting gave me some options. I thought all I had to do was wait until I could reach a living person.

Screenshot from Carole Perri

Unfortunately, with the three hour mark being held, the line was taken and hung immediately. Perri said he couldn’t believe it. “I wait all the time just for someone to hang me? I was shocked. ” Perri was eventually able to exchange his ticket, but the difficulty of doing so made him doubt whether he would fly with the company in the future. “As an Alaska resident, I got free baggage. But, after this mess, I didn’t know if the free baggage was worth flying with them again.

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