All about new limited event, gadgets, enemies and more

 All about new limited event, gadgets, enemies and more

Rainbow Six Extraction is the latest return of the game franchise aimed at providing a new co-op survival experience while continuing its core gameplay.

To further enhance this experience, Ubisoft has created a new limited time event called Nightmare Fog that brings a lot of unique new content. This new limited time event is scheduled to last from May 12 to June 2, 2022, and there will be a new opportunity in the game beyond the base release.

Can you tell the difference between reality and hallucinations in this new in-game event: Nightmare Fog! Get ready to jump into action tomorrow!

To give an explanation of what the future holds for the PVE game, this article will cover all the important things that players need to know.

Everything to expect from the Nightmare Fog event at Rainbow Six Extraction

The latest Nightmare Fog event at Rainbow Six Extraction brings a new feature of toxic fog that has affected the operator’s health to a certain threshold. This fog is completely inevitable and continues to push players to survive the latest threat.

However, this Neurotoxin gas is absent in some areas such as Extraction zones, Airlocks, and Safe Rooms, so one can cross the map.

How can we overcome this threat if we can’t even trust our own judgment? This can be a difficult one. Watch out, the action starts tomorrow!

The player’s Neurotoxin level can be overcome by using a special Neurostim that can be applied to certain areas on the map. Each Neurostim lowers a player’s Neurotoxin level by 35%. In addition, this Neurotoxin can also be used in limited quantities, making the survival experience even more difficult.

Beware, a new enemy has joined the Archæan roster permanently: Protean Vigil. Little tip? Look behind you when you complete a gateway goal…

The Neurotoxin system operates on three system levels and comes with its own situational effects:

  • Neurotoxin levels above 30%: Visual and auditory hallucination, which includes imagining the enemy.
  • Neurotoxin levels above 65%: Disruption of vision (tunnel visioning, strong motion blur, and distorted vision).
  • Neurotoxin levels above 100%: The HP will slowly drain every five seconds, stopping at 1 HP. However, that debuff can be treated if the Neurotoxic level is below 100%.

These condition effects can be applied simultaneously and multiple effects can occur at the same time. So, players should be wary of the new increase in Neurotoxin levels that come with Nightmare Fog.

As for enemy fantasies, Nightmare Fog will bring new types of Archeans to Rainbow Six Extraction and they will act as follows:

  • Sleepers: These spawning enemies remain static in an idle pose and do nothing.
  • Rushers: These enemies will run towards players like alerted Archeans and make an attack. However, because these are hallucinations, they are not harmful. Once they attack these enemies disappear from the player’s sight.
  • Flickers: These enemies are like the Sleepers, but they continue to bear fruit and despair to confuse one by making noises.
  • Missions: This type of enemy will appear in a static position out of sight, but disappear once the player looks at them.

The latest event in the game is also set to bring many new additions to the game and the following is a list of new features highlighted in the latest update:

  • Ten New Prestige levels to progress
  • New Protean Vigil antagonist
  • New REACT Rush Pistol
  • Five new Crisis Studies
  • Charms themed for players
  • Extra XP towards Milestone Progression
The new Rush Pistol by Rainbow Six Extraction (Photo by Ubisoft)
The new Rush Pistol by Rainbow Six Extraction (Photo by Ubisoft)

The new Rush Pistol can be used by players to speed through areas with high speed and clear areas.

Rainbow Six Extraction's new Protean Vigil (Photo by Ubisoft)
Rainbow Six Extraction’s new Protean Vigil (Photo by Ubisoft)

In addition, the addition of Protean Vigil also makes the game even more interesting to Singularity. The update also brings a new lore to Rainbow Six Extraction, which is something players should also check out.

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