AppZone Wins Excellence in Blockchain Technology Award

 AppZone Wins Excellence in Blockchain Technology Award

By Aduragbemi Omiyale

Urgent steps need to be taken by African leaders to boost overall digital expertise to tackle cyber attacks and crimes on the continent, some industry experts have advised.

Speaking at the April edition of the Information Security Society of Africa-Nigeria (ISSAN) event, stakeholders warned that if efforts are not made, governments, citizens and businesses could suffer “harmful consequences. . “

It is pointed out that at present, Africa is struggling to match its counterparts in other parts of the world due to the lack of overall digital skills driven by brain flow.

On the theme workshop Solving Cybersecurity Skills Quagmirethe founder/CEO of Digital Jewels, Mrs Doyin Odunfa, in her presentation, lamented that the lack of general digital skills at all levels is expected to become more critical as economies grow, announcing that the supply of digitally skilled labor must also rise to meet the expected demand of the labor market.

He observed that highly skilled African professionals migrate from African countries to pursue lucrative cultural and socio-economic opportunities on other continents leading to a waste of brain and skill gap. on the continent.

While offering solutions, he recommends the deliberate development of digital skills at all levels, intelligent technology support, Diaspora collaboration and strategic supply to the African and Western economies.

“These young Africans are looking for higher-paying jobs outside of Africa to escape socio-economic constraints such as poverty, limited infrastructure, and new jobs.

“They are looking for enabling environments in developed countries that provide rewarding businesses and generate high-income jobs, match the aspirations of skilled people and expect socio-economic rewards.

“Many very talented African students who have secured training opportunities and scholars abroad do not return home after studying,” Mrs Odunfa said.

In his welcome address, ISSAN president, Mr David Isiavwe, said the brain drain in Africa as well as the digital skills shortage currently experienced around the world called for concern.

He said, “The cyber threat landscape is still evolving. The cybersecurity space continues to bustle throughout the day. We see how daring cybercriminals are, targeting national assets and more prominent companies. Even individuals are not neglected.

“Consequently, organizations must never cease to support and strengthen the best possible information security practices.”

The Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) of Stanbic IBTC, Abumere Igboa; CISO of Heritage Bank, Eduje Ighoakpo; CISO of First Bank, Harrison Nnaji; Standard Chartered Bank’s CISO, Oghenefovie Oyawari and Digital Jewels ’Chief Technical Officer (CTO), Tokunbo Taiwo, were other speakers at the gathering.

ISSAN is a non-profit organization dedicated to the protection of cyberspace in Nigeria. It is significantly involved in ensuring the security of banking systems and applications, ATMs, e-government systems, and the entire cyberspace in Nigeria.

The group also seeks to achieve its goals by raising awareness measures including the promotion of appropriate legislation and best practices.

Membership divides the public and private sectors of the economy including Banks, Telecommunications Operators, Government parastatals, switching companies, IT and IT security consultancies, Legal Practitioners with a strong interest in cyber-related matters, and regulators.

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