ASOS Brings Tammy Girl Back Into Fashion

 ASOS Brings Tammy Girl Back Into Fashion

Gen X lives through it, to tell the fashion story. Gen Y and Gen Z loved the season celebrating knee socks, tracksuit and big T. The 90’s revival now seems complete as Tammy Girl is back in the fashion picture thanks to ASOS.

The brand originally created in 1975 was formed for a younger customer than its sister brand, Etam. But in the 80s and 90s when Tammy Girl built a place in the hearts of many fashionistas.

“Tammy Girl is a pop culture event that only Claire’s accessories could dream of! It was Aladdin’s pre-teen cave with beautiful one-shoulder glitter tops with slogans and unicorn-covered cargo pants.It has a special place in the hearts of many people who used to buy their disco outfits there ”explained the famous culture and brand expert, Nick Ede

Now we are 17 years old and Tammy Girl is back through ASOS. Even if some customers don’t understand its cultural relevance, others enjoy the fact that they can relive their childhood with a nostalgic nod to their past. Some of the key pieces in the newly launched collection have been released years after they left the long road of each local. town in the UK ”said Ede.

In fact a ‘plastic filled palace of treasures’ allows consumers to follow the look made desirable from MTV videos of the day. Tammy Girl fans can complete an outfit with shiny hair clips, ripped denim and crop tops and all on a pocket-money budget. However, despite the pulse of the teenage culture, the brand eventually closed all stores in 2005 after it was bought by BHS.

Fast forward a few decades and the brand is back at ASOS with a capsule collection in 32 styles.

Once again the brand sells crop tops, midi skirts and big buckle belts as well as some branded hoodies for fans who want to show their dedication.

The collaboration is digital fashion brand Daisy Street which launched in 2012, and has built an online reputation for everyday nostalgic fashion.

Managing director of Daisy Street, Tay Singh said of the partnership: “Over the past 10 years we have worked hard to be one of the leading fashion brands for Gen Z and Millennial customers. Staying true to our values ​​as a brand, Tammy Girl’s transformation is an extension of who we are.

Any fashion rewind can bring fun, excitement and potentially new customers to a brand. Even in a world where most consumers want to shop more ethically, especially when it comes to sustainability, perhaps the 90’s aren’t the best place to find inspiration.

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