Business donates to War Memorial Field work | News, Sports, Jobs

 Business donates to War Memorial Field work | News, Sports, Jobs

Photo submitted by Times Observer Erik Pearson of Warren Sports Boosters receiving a check from Superior Tire and Rubber Corp. for $ 50,000 to the War Memorial Field renovation campaign from Warren Area High School track athlete Katie Beyer and Beaty-Warren Middle School track athlete Emma Peterson.

With a future start date, major contributions to War Memorial Field repairs continue to arrive.

In April, Superior Tire became the newest major sponsor of the project, contributing $ 50,000.

“Superior Tire and its employees are excited to help Warren Sports Boosters maintain our excellent facility for all current and future athletes,” President and CEO Hank LeMeur said. “An active and engaging community that we are proud of is essential to growing our business by supporting our employees and recruiting talent in Warren County. We value the commitment of Sports Boosters at Warren Memorial Field for 25 years and we are looking to help in the future as well.

The campaign target is $ 1,000,000 and, with Superior’s donation, the total to date is $ 850,000.

Promoters plan to continue the changes before they reach the goal, if necessary.

The first step of the project, expected to begin in early June, is to dig the bottom of the track to prepare for a new base and a new athletic surface.

The grass of the field will follow.

The project also includes repairs to the locker rooms, bathrooms, and sound systems in the stadium, and other parts of the facility.

The target completion date is early August.

War Memorial Field is overdue for upgrades. The project improved the site to its current appearance, with an artificial grass field, house and remote bleachers, and the track was completed in 1999.

The track was patched over several years, but the face was originally from the 1999 project, Warren Sports Boosters President Mike Boyd said.

The lawn was last replaced in 2008.

Boyd said the field surface is expected to last eight to 10 years and the track should last 15 to 17 years.

Boosters work hard on “routine and special maintenance” over the years, the cost of replacing surfaces has been known.

Initially, the total cost of replacing the track and field was set at $ 900,000. The boosters set a $ 1 million goal to allow work on the entire facility.

Through pandemics, supply chain issues, and other market forces, the number continues to rise and the start of work does not mean the end of fundraising.

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