Business owner donates T-shirts honoring Uvalde shooting victims

 Business owner donates T-shirts honoring Uvalde shooting victims

SAN ANTONIO – In the aftermath of the tragedy, surviving community members have often expressed feelings of helplessness or a desire to make a difference in a small way. For San Antonio business owner Johana Garcia, paying her respects to the growing memorial site outside Robb Elementary School in Uvalde after Tuesday’s mass shooting felt necessary.

“I have a 10-year-old at home,” Garcia said. “Even thinking about what they went through, the fear, you know, the whole time, the survivors, lying there … not for anyone to go through, (even) a child.”

Garcia, who makes and sells T-shirts outside his home, said he traveled to Uvalde with his mother. But before they left, Garcia decided to make custom T-shirts with the victims ’faces that he and his mother would wear to the memorial as a way to honor their lives.

Garcia’s mother decided to push her son to make his move one step further.

“He said,‘ What if I bought your shirts and you donated them? ’” Garcia told KENS 5 reporter Henry Ramos. “I posted it on my Facebook and friends and family started donating, so we got over 150 shirts we brought to give away.”

Garcia dropped his last 20 T-shirts when he spoke to Ramos, but he also hopes he can send some shirts to the victims ’families.

“I just wanted to do and make shirts … that’s how I found the way to help.”

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