Business owners: Google is offering to pay for your employees data and business education training

 Business owners: Google is offering to pay for your employees data and business education training

BY Lake SydneyMay 12, 2022, 1:00 PM

A sign is placed in front of a Google office in San Francisco, California, to be seen in April 2022. (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

The professional worker looks very different than it used to be in early 2020. The COVID-19 pandemic forced brick-and-mortar companies to move their business online, leaving some jobs to be lost. no longer available — or in need of a replacement. In fact, 77% of workers are willing to learn a new skill or completely retrain, according to PwC’s Upskilling Hopes and Fears 2021 report.

As the pandemic changed the way we work, companies found new ways to manage business. “We can dedicate much of the nation’s economic strength over the past two years to the diligence and adaptability of American businesses — and to the digital tools that have helped them,” said Lisa Gevelber, founder of Grow with Google, Swerte. “We want to build on this momentum.”

To help businesses of all sizes train and develop their employees today, Google announced on May 2 that all U.S. companies are eligible to receive up to 500 free scholars for Google Career Certificates, an amount of $ 100,000 per business.

“It’s no secret that businesses of all sizes struggle to hire and retain talent with key skills,” Gevelber said.. “Google is excited about how this offering can better help small businesses that don’t have skills development programs for their employees and is excited to find talent with digital skills.”

The training adds to the Google certifications program

This new training program targets Google’s $ 100 million funding that gives access to Google Career Certificates to 20,000 individuals — an initiative announced by CEO Sundar Pichai and Secretary of Commerce Gina Raimondo in February. That program also provides professional tutoring, interview preparation, and job placement services, as well as living stipends.

Available certificates as part of Grow with Google’s new program include IT support, data analytics, and project management. Google also announced this week the launch of digital marketing and e-commerce certification, which will train employees to find customers online, sell products or services, and create analytics and marketing metrics.

“The world is fast becoming a more visual place, and digital and visual communication can be key skills for almost every career,” Amy Schultz, Canva’s global head of talent acquisition, said in a statement. statement announcing the program. “We look forward to working with Google to empower people in a job market that is part of skill development.”

How to apply for the program and what it is

About 75% of small and medium-sized businesses report adopting digital tools during the pandemic, according to Gevelber, but the new Grow with Google program will be available to U.S.-based companies either. what size. “Digital skills help these businesses continue to grow online, reach new customers, and open up new sources of revenue while also providing many opportunities for their businesses. workers. ”

Any U.S.-based business can apply for the program, and all eligible companies will receive up to 500 free scholars, which is a $ 100,000 value, according to Google. That costs each certificate about $ 200. Certificates are offered through Coursera, an online education provider, and take about three to six months to complete. Students don’t have to have a degree or experience in the field they’re studying, according to Google.

The application asks baseline questions about the business, including the number of employees, industry, and contact information. Gevelber coined it as a “simple verification process.”

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