Charleston ranks in top 15 summer travel destinations, study says

 Charleston ranks in top 15 summer travel destinations, study says

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC)-Getting another award for the Holy City: A new study says Charleston maintains its position as a top choice for summer tourists.

The study, published on WalletHub, ranked Charleston in 12th place among summer travelers. Despite rising gas prices that analysts say could reach a national average of $ 5 per gallon in the coming weeks, nearly 80% of Americans are planning trips this year.

“As many U.S. states and many countries drop vaccine requirements and relax COVID-19 bans, travel will be‘ crazy ’this summer,” said Tecas Tech Assistant Professor Jing. Li.

WalletHub’s study of 2022 Best Summer Travel Destinations says the Charleston-North Charleston metro area has a lot to attract travelers.

It ranks factors such as number of attractions, cheapest trips, and time to reach the top 100 destinations. For the Charleston-North Charleston area, the study listed the following rankings, first as “best” and 50 as “average:”

  • 16th – Local Cost
  • CHAPTER 21 – Number of Attractions
  • CHAPTER 37 – Cheapest Flight Duration
  • 12TH -Cost of Three-Star Hotel
  • 3RD – Weather
  • CHAPTER 14 – Activities
  • CHAPTER 37 – Safety
  • CHAPTER 47 -Average Daily Cases of COVID-19 in the Last Week per Capita

If you are planning to travel, analysts say you need to avoid mistakes that can cost you.

“I think the most expensive mistake in travel is not booking in advance, Florida State University Assistant Professor Tarik Dogru said.“ The closer the travel time, the more expensive the plane tickets and the more expensive the rooms due to increased demand and reduced supply.In addition, travel on weekends, Thursday to Saturday, if there is ease to travel on weekdays, Sunday to Wednesday, may be more expensive, also due to the increase in need on the weekend. ”

Dogru says booking an Airbnb for a shorter stay can be just as expensive if not more so than booking a hotel room. That, according to Dogru, is due to cleaning fees and other fees not reflected in the price.

Orlando led the study, along with Washington DC, Tampa-St. Petersburg, Austin and Salt Lake City circling the top five.

The capital of South Carolina, Columbia, is in 23rd place, while Greenville is in 51st place.

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