City of Texarkana, Texas to conduct health disparities survey | Texarkana

 City of Texarkana, Texas to conduct health disparities survey | Texarkana

TEXARKANA, Texas – The City of Texarkana, Texas is asking for community participation in a study of health care differences.

Texarkana-Bowie County Family Health Center recently received a state grant to distribute a survey that looked closely at how people were coping with the COVID-19 pandemic.

Just over two years ago the world health organization declared COVID-19 a pandemic.

While the virus has not gone away, Texarkana, Texas City Spokesperson Lisa Thompson says the local outlook is more positive.

“We’re not in a crisis mode right now, our numbers are small. We haven’t seen a ton of it in the community, but people still have to try, sometimes for travel or have some medical procedures. We still provide that service, ”Thompson explained.

He says the local health department is working to document various past experiences with COVID-19, and related community issues.

The survey of health differences takes no less than five minutes to complete.

The city hopes to collect information from all different types of perspectives, including good or bad experiences.

“We’re affected financially, emotionally, when there are difficulties with child care, your job, transportation, that kind of thing,” Thompson said.

Health disparity is a particular type of health disparity that is closely linked to social, economic, and/or environmental damage.

Thompson said the survey results will be submitted back to the state and used for the city to make a plan.

“We just want to help our community be better prepared for future pandemics or anything similar that could happen. We know our responses are important, so we want to get as many people as possible participate as much as we can, ”Thompson said.

Everyone is asked to participate and complete the short survey by clicking on this Health Disparities Survey link.

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