Classic car rental business offers a “trip into the past”

 Classic car rental business offers a “trip into the past”

Customers can choose from five restored, classic cars to rent and drive

JASPER COUNTY, Mo. -If you want to know what it looks like to drive your dad or grandpa’s classic car, a new business in the area offers that experience, with a “trip to the past.”

Clayton Klaver, a lover of classic cars and owner of Clay’s Classics, has a collection of cars from the 1950’s and 1960’s.

Each is considered to be in mint condition and available to the public for rent.

Currently, Klaver’s old car collection includes five cars, with more to be added soon:

  • 1959 Ford F-100
  • 1964-1/2 Ford Mustang
  • 1964 Buick Skylark
  • 1964 Ford Galaxy 500
  • 1966 Ford Mustang

Klaver, an Air Force veteran, bought his fist-old old car in 2009: a 1959 Ford F-100 pick-up truck that took more than a decade to rebuild.

After working on the truck, Klaver decided to start a collection of classics, with the idea of ​​people in their 40s, 50s and 60s returning to Route 66 in the most realistic way possible.

“I enjoy people enjoying my cars. If you have something only material, it makes no sense. So, I offer them all the time for people to rent and have fun, especially when the weather is nice. That’s when I try to get them all and just let people enjoy them for as long as they want. ”

Klaver said he prefers to share his cars with the public, as opposed to storing them in a garage to collect dust, or hauling them to cars.

SLIDESHOW: Check out Photos of Clay’s Classic Cars

“When I started this business, the whole idea was to approach people from Europe and drive one of these bad boys, because classic cars are so expensive there, so I wanted them to come here, enjoy them, visit Route 66 at the 64 ′ Ford Galaxy. It makes their lives; it was just an amazing experience and something they couldn’t do. ” said Klaver.

“There’s nothing better than driving one of these cars on the open road, where you don’t get distracted. Just you, the radio, the road and the car. It’s very simple, ”Klaver continued.

Currently, her clients include newlyweds, prom attendees, high school seniors (want a classic car in their senior photos), couples looking for a unique “date night ”and the older generation, who previously owned and drove the kind of cars you’ll find in Klaver’s collection; at the time the Cars are not considered “classic.”


The cost of renting one of Klaver’s Classics: Between $ 250 and $ 500 per day, depending on the car you choose.

Klaver allows tenants to travel up to 200 miles per day.

“Exceeding the 200 daily mile limit will cost you an additional $ 0.75 per mile. However, most tenants do not exceed the 200 mile limit, ”Klaver said.

The only time Klaver did not rent his collection of classics, during the winter months and when there is bad weather.

“There’s a limit to how much I can release my cars (laughs).”

For more information on renting one of these classic cars, visit Clay’s Classics Facebook page, HERE.

You can also contact Klaver at (417) 208-7854, or by email, which you can find HERE.

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