Cybin, Kernel announce positive results from neuroimaging technology pilot study

 Cybin, Kernel announce positive results from neuroimaging technology pilot study


Drysdale as used by Cybin. Johnson works at Kernel.

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Neurotechnology firm Kernel and biopharmaceutical company Cybin announced promising pilot results from a feasibility study on Kernel Flow, a technology that measures brain activity in altered states of consciousness.

Preliminary data from the Cybin-initiated study suggest that ketamine-induced changes in connection function persist for several days after administration, with headset technology effectively measuring the effects of neuro medication for 11 days.

Source: Adobe Stock.

Source: Adobe Stock.

“By using [Kernel] In turn, we will be able to collect real-time brain activity during our clinical studies and research evaluating psychedelic-based therapeutics, ” Doug Drysdale, Cybin CEO, said in a released statement. “Measuring where and how psychedelics work in the brain opens up new frontiers in the discovery of this space.”

Participants in the pilot study received either a small dose of ketamine or placebo while wearing the Flow headset, confirming changes in functional connection consistent with current scientific research.

“The quality of the data recorded in Flow could lead to a better understanding of the neuro effects from brain psychedelics and help advance these powerful new therapies for patients,” he said. Bryan Johnson, Kernel CEO, said in the release.

Enrollment for the feasibility study, which began in March, is ongoing.

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