‘Design of the Times’ fashion inspired by Prince

 ‘Design of the Times’ fashion inspired by Prince

Prince’s fashion is inspiring a new phenomenon to inspire creativity and empower the Black design community.

CHANHASSEN, Minn. – There is no doubt that Prince is a maverick, not only in music but in fashion. So Paisley Park is the perfect venue for Black Fashion Week Minnesota’s show, “Design of the Times.”

“The overall aesthetic of Prince’s fashion is just as influenced by his bizarre music catalog, which has a lot to say,” said Mitch Maguire, Managing Director at Paisley Park. The land is not just Prince’s home; it’s a recording studio and a fashion house with a design team.

“He made a closet space and managed everything that was there, and they made pieces for him and the other band members,” Maguire said.

Then there are the many times Prince asks his designers to let go of their creativity. “Once he went to [his designer] and said, “You know what, here’s an audiotape. I want you to design a piece of clothing that sounds like this,” Maguire recalls.

That’s the kind of creativity that Paisley Park inspires, attracting creators and associations like the one at Black Fashion Week Minnesota.

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“This particular show, we had ten designers, 30 models showing their best. And one of the designs, each design was a piece inspired by the Prince as well as showcasing that creativity with to others, ”explains Natalie Marrow, CEO and Founder of Black Fashion Week Minnesota. “It’s just important to show that you can and have clothes made for you right here in the Twin Cities using our local talent.”

Alexis Brazil is one of the featured designers. The Saint Paul fashionista started making at the age of eight, and now she has her own brand. “Think Met Gala streetwear,” he explained. “My ultimate goal is to uplift my community. I make clothes that make people look great.

It’s not just a fashion runway event but an event to empower and inspire black designers.

Design Time at Paisley Park starts at 7:45 p.m., but doors open at 6 p.m. There will also be a Q&A with longtime Prince designer Debbie McGuan and an after-party featuring Lizzo’s DJ, Sophia Eris.

You can find more information and tickets here.

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