Designer invites people to ‘groove’ into Juneteenth with Gapelii fashion show

 Designer invites people to ‘groove’ into Juneteenth with Gapelii fashion show

VALLEJO-Gapelii will host California’s first-ever fashion show on June 18 at Martin Luther King Jr. Park in Vallejo in conjunction with the 32nd Annual Juneteenth Celebration in Vallejo.

“Grooving into Juneteenth with Gapelii Brand Fashion Show” centers on the theme of the 1970s and will feature designer wear and accessories that include custom shirts, bottoms, jumpsuits, outerwear, hats, sunglasses and Italian handcrafted shoes. Gapelii Brand also has a booth set up on site to take orders and sell merchandise.

Gapelii is an emerging Black-owned high-end luxury clothing and shoe company offering the latest in men’s, women’s and children’s fashion, according to a company press release. Gapelii’s clothes and shoes are designed to influence, inspire and make everyone comfortable wearing the brand. Gapelii Brand is also a philanthropy -focused business whose mission is to provide premium quality and service to their customers, encourage each other’s growth and success, and give back to support the surrounding communities.

The Solano County African Family Reunion Celebration Committee organized Vallejo’s annual Juneteenth Celebration on the third Saturday in June, attracting more than 2,000 visitors and providing an opportunity for the community to participate in the national celebration of this historic event.

Day activities will take place from 11 am to 4 pm at the park, which is located downtown behind City Hall on Mare Island Way and Capitol Street. The day includes a variety of activities, vendors, food and live performances. All ages are welcome.

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