EDC folding titanium mini screwdriver

 EDC folding titanium mini screwdriver

If you are in the market for an EDC folding titanium mini screwdriver you may be interested in a new piece of launch kit by Kickstarter this month. CNC machined from titanium the small handy screwdriver offers a versatile tool for a number of different applications and makes the perfect EDC take on those who use a screwdriver on a daily basis. the ultralightweight multifunctional screwdriver parts replaceable bits in a compact size. Backer early bird pledges are now available for the recently launched project from around $ 85 or £ 63 (depending on current exchange rates).

“A screwdriver is probably the simplest of all hand tools. Even if you have no interest in DIY or you’re not a strong person, you have one or more in your home, right? But this simple product is extremely old, and more than any hand tool it represents the course of the industrial revolution in the world.To make it extremely compact, we tried very hard to make it lighter.That’s why we made the screwdriver body hollow out to reduce weight and keep it ventilated and dry.

Titanium screwdriver

If EDC’s public funding campaign successfully raises its required pledge goal and the project progresses smoothly, worldwide shipping is expected to take place around August 2022. To learn more about EDC folding titanium mini screwdriver project see the promotional video below.

“The good grenade pattern on the handle gives you better grip so it is anti-slip, works well even when the hand is wet. Best of all, we were the FIRST to create the foldbale handle design, something we had never seen before in any products in this category. With the head bowed, it can be used in a more limited room and saves a lot of energy for each turn. If the top screwdriver turns, it will become an “arm”. As we all know, the longer the arm, the less effort is required. You will feel much easier to screw or unscrew anything.

For a complete list of all available pledge options, stretch goals, extra media and engineering specifications for the folding titanium mini screwdriver, jump to the official EDC crowd funding campaign page by checking out the link below.

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