EE Nreal Air AR glasses go on sale May 20th

 EE Nreal Air AR glasses go on sale May 20th

EE Nreal Air AR

EE has announced that the new Nreal Air AR glasses are launching on their UK network, they will be available for purchase from EE from 20th May.

The new Nreal Air AR glasses can be obtained from EE’s website and also their UK retail store, they will sell for £ 399.

With the latest AR technology, high-tone audio, and a large 201-inch expanded Full HD virtual display, the Nreal Air is a great way to experience the digital reality of the move. When combined with a corresponding smartphone connected to EE’s 5G network, the glasses open up new possibilities for mobile gaming through the cloud as well as streaming high-definition movies and films. on TV. Perfect for 1 in 5 Brits who say watching videos and online games through a giant virtual travel screen is what excites them the most about Augmented Reality.

Nreal Air supports two different modes. In “Air Casting” mode, customers can mirror the screen of their phone and enjoy their entire mobile experience on the 130-inch HD virtual display. The “MR Space” mode brings customers into a Mixed Reality environment and gives them a taste of new AR technologies. They can position multiple virtual screens as large as 201 inches in 3D space, for example, they can experience stopped cycling exercises in an immersive AR environment, while exploring an expanding expanse of space. -is in AR apps.

EE will offer them a £ 10 down payment for £ 35 a month for 11 months with no interest, you can find more information on the EE website. They can be purchased from EE next Friday the 20th of May.

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