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 fashion and art inspiration

Italian businesswoman and stylist Paola Mantegazza’s relationship with Bal Harbor is not new. The owner of the brand Mantegazza, a reference to fashionable leather goods, continues to be on the radar of Miami’s hottest hotspot ever since. insiders Brazilian. “My relationship with Bal Harbor is very close”, he said.

To cope with her busy schedule of fashion and business commitments, Paola lives – literally – between three cities. “I have homes in Milan, Miami and Sao Paulo. But no other place has made me as comfortable as Bal Harbor.

24 hour breathable fashion, said the stylist Stores in Bal Harbor It is the most attractive mall in the United States of America. “It’s small, focused and has the best brands”, he added.

Loves sneakers – Paola always wears her all leather look with sneakers, day or night – her favorite stores are all over this place. “My favorite stores are addictivewith the world’s most attractive sneakers of all brands, and Golden gooseWhich is a fever now but I have been using it for a long time in Italy. ,

In addition to shopping, Bal Harbor Shops is also home to one of Paola’s favorite restaurants: the the zoo“Love the truffle pizza and giant profits!”

Paola also said the Bal Harbor stores are also one of their busiest meeting points, including the crash sites. Like this, for example, when he met his friend Lely Saddi. “We met at the Bal Harbor stores by chance. He got a jumpsuit design by me, I was wearing a bib of my brand. It was a happy occasion, surprisingly, among friends”, he recalls.

Harbor Bar in December

While living on this constant transcontinental “air bridge” between the three homes to take care of work, family, friends and luxuries, Paola doesn’t stop at Bal Harbor every December, no matter what. The reason? Keep a close eye on each activity Art BaselFrom the official calendar to performances and similar events.

“It was one of the most personal moments of joy for me, I was talking about going there at this time. Art Basel is art, fashion and there I met friends and people I work with. It’s true that “Everything is there, like when we meet at Fashion Week in Milan or So Paulo”, he explains. “Bal Harbor is a great meeting point for the fashion world – and a place that matters to me. . “

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