FIFA and EA Sports End Their Two-Decade Partnership

 FIFA and EA Sports End Their Two-Decade Partnership

The games, however, do not offer the same kind of game simulations that the devotees of the EA Sports version know. For that, consumers will be asked to wait until 2024, when FIFA says it will launch a rival soccer simulation game.

“I can assure you that the only real, real game with the FIFA name is the most applicable for football players and fans,” said Gianni Infantino, FIFA president. “The FIFA name” – which he proposed to be revoked by the organization for its own game – “is the same worldwide, original title.”

The latest EA Sports-FIFA deal was signed 10 years ago, but the coming years have been marked not only by major technological changes but possibly even more turmoil at FIFA, which nearly collapsed after a major corruption scandal in 2015. Infantino, since taking office that year, has tried – and has always failed – to open up new revenue streams.

If even direct talks between Infantino and Andrew Wilson, the chief executive of Electronic Arts, failed to deliver a breakthrough, the sides agreed to a good separation, Wilson said.

“It’s really how we can do more for the players, more for the fans, how we give them more modes of play, how we bring more partners to the game, how we expand beyond on the boundaries of traditional gaming., ”Wilson, whose personal association as a game engineer dates back two decades, said in a telephone interview.

In addition to doubling its licensing fee, FIFA is also demanding the ability to incorporate its brand into other digital products, including other video games, according to people familiar with the talks. That proved to be a step too far for EA Sports, which now has to attract legions of devoted fans accustomed to another name.

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