Five Takeaways from New York Giants Media’s OTA No. 1 Report

 Five Takeaways from New York Giants Media’s OTA No. 1 Report

When the team announced the signing of 6-foot-2 receiver Robert Foster before the free agency began, many people no longer considered the move.

But maybe there’s more to Foster’s game than what the naked eye can see. The Giants, on their practice notes, praised Foster for a jumping shot he made.

That surprised us how well he did on contested shots, some of it requiring the receiver to jump, and how well the Giants receivers did on contested shots last season.

In Alabama, Foster got very few passes-just 53 targets, of which he grabbed 35. But of his few (six) of his contested catch opportunities, Foster dropped three of them for 60 success percentage. .

Meanwhile, last year, the Giants ’wide receivers ended up with a 51.2 percent opposed catch rate (40 out of 78, according to Pro Football Focus). Sterling Shepard, who healed an Achilles injury late in the season, led the wide receivers in grabbing contested shots, carrying 72.7 percent of those balls.

And Kenny Golladay, the big-time free agent signing who came to the Giants with a reputation as a force for making combat shots, finished 15 of 31 (48.4 percent) in that category.

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