Former athletes find their passion for fashion design in Las Vegas

 Former athletes find their passion for fashion design in Las Vegas

LAS VEGAS, Nev. (FOX5) – Two former athletes have created a booming fashion business here in Las Vegas.

Randall Cunningham and Ray Milner combined their sports and creative backgrounds and created their own brand, Las Vegas Apparel. Cunningham and Milner built their fashion studio from scratch, styling local and professional athletes from around the world.

Las Vegas Apparel is more than just high quality and beautiful clothing, for Cunningham and Milner it is important for them to give back to the fashion community offering E-COURSES and tailoring classes that help creators learn more about the business.

Cunningham who is a high jumper at USC said her father Randall Cunningham Sr., her mother and sisters influenced her fashion career. Her sister Vashti Cunningham who is a two -time Olympian is also a Las Vegas Apparel model and collaborates with her brother for fashion ideas.

You’ll find many professional athletes wearing Cunningham’s PRCZN brand, including Adoree Jackson and JR Reed that she personally designed.

Milner started his business in front of the Town Square store where he sold his Milk Money Limited clothing.

Today, Milner and Cunningham have a beautiful studio in southwest Las Vegas where they welcome clients to make appointments for their design vision. Milner and Cunningham have big dreams for their business. They worked to open a large factory for Las Vegas Apparel and employed locals here in the valley.

Milner said it was a “blessing” to be separated from the Cunningham family and to work with such creative thinkers.

For Milner, his joy is seeing clients live up to their design vision.

“If they look good and look good in our clothes, that’s what makes me grateful.” by Milner.

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