Gadgets: Yubico Keyport Pivot 2.0 organizer holds on to aspects of your digital world, too | National News

 Gadgets: Yubico Keyport Pivot 2.0 organizer holds on to aspects of your digital world, too | National News

The Yubico Keyport Pivot 2.0 organizer is something you think you don’t need until you use it, and then you’ll think about how you can live without it.

With the ability to store standard home, office, car keys and small appliances in one place, the organizer holds aspects of your digital world. It holds up to two to eight keys and can add more using an extension kit.

The Modular multi-tool key organizer has a black anodized 6061 aluminum finish and measures 3.2 inches long and 0.6 inches wide, which can be easily carried in a pocket, purse or neck lanyard. The two pieces of the organizer are connected with a rubber connection on one end and a threaded screw system on the other.

The screwed end is used for installation, and if it breaks, keys and other accessories can be added along with the attached spacers if you don’t fill them. Align everything with pinhole thread, close the chassis, and reattach the spring-loaded screw assembly. After this is done, everything will remain flush with the organizer and can easily rotate individually as needed.

In addition to your keys, security keys can be added for accessing USB ports and other digital storage and two-factor authentication. Keys with USB-A, USB-C, Lightning and NFC ports are available. Some of the tool modules to be purchased are screwdrivers, 12-lumen flashlights, multi-tools, pens, charger cables and knives.

Large car keys can be added to the D right attached to the rubber end of the organizer. Personalization can be added to the outside of the chassis with snap-on faceplates. $ 25 for Keyport Pivot 2.0 organizer; The price of the modules varies

Kokoon Nightbuds is a dream come true for those trying to get a good night’s sleep.

The sleep-monitoring Bluetooth 5.0 earbuds from Kokoon, a London-based sleep technology company, are designed to provide a comfortable sleep solution with earbuds in your ears throughout the night. The thin profile Nightbuds less than 0.23 inches thick can easily fall asleep in all sleeping positions, including side sleepers for all-night comfort.

More technology for the sleep features is below, but as far as comfort, it works perfectly. I’ve tried a lot of earbuds for night comfort, and they should be at the top of that category.

A key to small construction is the transfer of electronics, usually in-ear earbuds. The Nightbuds move it into a small compartment, which stays behind your head with the cable that connects the earbuds. It includes a 100mAh battery for up to 14 hours of battery life and volume controls.

While asleep, the monitoring technology with sensors works well to eliminate audio in real time and shift white noise while working to keep external annoying noises to a minimum.

An optical heart rate monitor was built by Nightbuds. According to Kokoon, the heart monitor works by radiating light to the skin and measuring how the light is diffused from the body’s bloodstream. Nightbuds benefit from a greater placement of this sensor inside the ear, next to the carotid artery, away from tendons and muscles.

Users can use the MyKokoon app (created by sleep scientists) to manage sleep habits, access relaxation audio, including meditations, soundscapes and binaural beats. The app is designed to be a personal sleep trainer to ensure the best possible results for a solid night’s sleep.

The app can set wake-up schedules and alarms with specific audio selections and save your sleep data per night, including sleep effectiveness and average sleep time per night.

When sleep isn’t on the radar, Nightbuds work as earbuds for streaming music, audiobooks and hands-free calls. Four different sized ear tips are included.

The $ 260 Nightbuds includes a lifetime device warranty and a two-year membership with no auto-renewal and access to the MyKokoon App. The annual membership plan is $ 170.99 and includes Nightbuds and access to the MyKokoon App. Both have a 30 -day trial.

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