Gas prices impact summer travel plans

 Gas prices impact summer travel plans

CINCINNATI (WXIX) -High gas prices in Tristate have affected summer travel plans.

According to AAA, the average Tristate gas price is $ 4.14.

Due to high gas prices, flying travelers will see an increase in ticket prices.

CVG spokeswoman Mindy Kershner said they had not seen data from the Department of Transportation that said high gas prices would affect people’s choice to fly.

“We’ve seen the demand for entertainment, the demand for business travel increase and we’ve seen fuel prices rise, so we need to look at what the average fare increase is. The next report will come out in July. , and that will look at the first quarter of this year, and then we won’t know what happened this summer, you know, six months before, ”Kershner said.

Kershner says the data is usually behind six months.

CVG expects to see only about 90% of travelers.

Kershner added that they don’t expect to see 100% of the travelers because most of their travelers go to Tristate for business. The percentage of business travelers has declined since 2019, partially due to the pandemic.

The AAA says they expect people to drive to their vacation spot this summer but think they can change their plans.

“What we’ve learned is the $ 4 price point, people start to make some decisions about travel, and that can, you know, maybe vacation shorter, maybe not travel that far. , may adjust their budgets in terms of eating out, ”said AAA spokeswoman Kara Hitchens.

The price of fuel at the pump will immediately affect drivers. Flyers who bought their plane tickets months ago when gas prices were lower will not be affected this summer.

CVG will look at reports from the Department of Transportation in July and January to see if high gas prices will affect flyers.

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