Getailored; Revolutionising The Fashion Industry With Tech

 Getailored; Revolutionising The Fashion Industry With Tech

Markets now face the ultimate challenge of bridging the wide gap between demand and supply. An ongoing situation that has left countless producers and end-users alike dissatisfied.

Ready to create a sustainable solution, Getilored addresses this disparity by using digital products to connect both sides of the divide. Create the first online marketplace that connects Tailors to Consumers who need custom made from anywhere in the world.

Through the use of technology, Getilored’s goal is to deliver the most seamless fashion experience possible, while fostering the collaboration and promotion of African designers and designers around the world.

Gone are the days of “What I ordered vs What I got”. Getilored strongly believes that clients need better ways to find reliable and dependable tailors from the comfort of their homes without a doubtful understanding of how their clothes look. Thus, drastically reducing mental anxiety on the part of the customers and ensuring that they get the perfect dress on time.

The Gettailored product and apps launched a year ago at the beginning of 2021, has since brought smiles to users ’faces and a deep sense of satisfaction in the hearts of its peers. A success that has culminated in numerous success stories, positive reviews, and feedback receipts to further improve the product and its offering.

Over the past year, Getailored boasted more than 450 proven fashion partners, and 3600 app downloads while exceeding $ 10,000 on GMV with nearly $ 0 spent on sales.

Still not resting its rides, Getilored kicked off 2022 on the note of further expanding its team to ensure customer satisfaction and user growth are taken to the next level while maximizing growth in the supply chain. have reliable, dependable, proven, and expertly grown at home. seamstresses

On the heels of this remarkable success, Getilored is pivoting and expanding from a mere discovery to serving unique fashion through its partners and bringing Africa’s unique fashion offering to the world.

Get on board now! Download the Apple Appstore and Google Playstore apps to order for yourself and your loved ones Bespoke African Outfit.

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