Google rolling out Emergency SOS feature for Wear OS

 Google rolling out Emergency SOS feature for Wear OS

Google later released an Emergency SOS feature on the Wear OS. It will work similar to any of the Android smartphones and allow users to easily contact their relatives or public authorities directly through their smartwatch in the event of an emergency.

Among the many exciting hardware announcements during the I/O 2022 keynote event, some less flashy software tweaks may be flying under the radar. Sure, an Emergency SOS feature for Wear OS isn’t terribly exciting, but it’s important.

Almost every smartphone has an equivalent for this option. This feature is now available for wearers with Wear OS as well. On Android phones, the user presses the power button 5 consecutive times to activate Emergency SOS. We don’t know how to trigger the feature in Wear OS, but a similar shortcut, with a voice command as an alternative method is likely.

To do this the user has to start by filling in the required contact details. Once this is done there is the option to activate Emergency SOS. Since it is ultimately a part of the smartwatch, in order for it to work, the wearer must be linked to a smartphone with a cellular connection, if the wearer does not support LTE.

Learning Emergency SOS will prompt you to choose who they want to contact (either a specific contact or direct emergency services). They can easily cancel the call via a large red button on the watch’s main screen, and other options will be provided when the call is over.

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