Google unveils new AI to help people with hybrid work

 Google unveils new AI to help people with hybrid work

Google AI

Google has announced a new AI designed to help people with hybrid work, it includes some new AI-powered Summaries of Spaces and Meet transcriptions.

They also announced some new features including Portrait Restore designed to help you improve video quality with low light enhancements and more.

With our advances in natural language processing, we recently introduced automated summaries in Google Docs. In the coming months, we’ll be expanding the built-in summaries to Spaces to provide a helpful breakdown of conversations. Summaries allow you to know immediately and quickly what you miss from Spaces conversations.

To help improve participation, we’ve also introduced automatic meeting transcription for Google Meet, which allows those who don’t attend a meeting to stay in the loop, or for attendees to easily refer to the discussion later. . We will release the automated transcription later this year, and the summarization of the meeting next year.

We use machine learning to make the Google Meet meeting experience more immersive and meaningful. In turn, these enhancements help strengthen human connections in a hybrid world of work.

You can find more information about all the new features of Google AI on the Google website at the link below.

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