Group offers mental health resources in Grove Park

 Group offers mental health resources in Grove Park

JACKSON, Miss (WJTV) – A local organization is working to bring mental health resources to the doors of Jacksonians.

Phi Pi of Mississippi is hosting a community resource fair in Grove Park, which aims to help those suffering from mental illness. The organization works to break the stigma and trauma passed down through the generations.

Speakers at the event included community leaders, mental health professionals and Jackson Mayor Chokwe Antar Lumumba. He said the city is making plans to create a mental health office that will address those specific needs of Jacksonians.

“Our lack of care for our mental health. We’re starting to see the seeds of neglecting our mental health. Like cancer, it multiplies and metastasizes. We get the result of that. We get what we get in our cities now. We have to stop it and see that no one comes and saves us. We have to save ourselves, ”said Phi Pi Mississippi President and event organizer, William Guster.

“Without our mental health, being in that state, it affects everything we do. Eating, sleeping, thinking and the choices we make. We need to start talking about mental health. We have those mental health assessments like we do physical assessments, ”said lead Example Founder Christiane Williams.

The event organizer said it was important to host the event at Grove Park because of the prime community location. They want to bring resources to people’s door.

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