How Giovanina Atieh, Maria Munoz, And Nathalie Mroue Have Impacted Fashion In The Middle East With Maison Pyramid

 How Giovanina Atieh, Maria Munoz, And Nathalie Mroue Have Impacted Fashion In The Middle East With Maison Pyramid

Maison Pyramide is one of the leading brand building platforms for consumers in the Middle East. The three female co-founders are one of the few women-led companies in the region with a mission to build bridges between brands in Europe and the Middle East. Representing the region’s leading fashion brands, as well as the lifestyle, luxury, and media sectors, Maison Pyramid provides experience-led concepts and events for emerging talent.

Giovanina Atieh, Maria Munoz, and Nathalie Mroue all built the Masion Pyramid. The three women bring skills and expertise to their company that have already worked in the sectors they now represent. “After years of experience working in a variety of fashion, lifestyle, retail and media industries, both regionally and internationally, we have all found ourselves MEA-based,” Munoz shares. “We will spend a lot of time discussing our perspectives on the untapped potential of fashion, lifestyle, and consumer brands in the region- and where the industry can be brought into the right ecosystem and support. professional.During these conversations the idea for the Maison Pyramide began to take shape.We began to think about combining our international backgrounds and creating a platform that would help create global fashion, luxury, and lifestyle brands of the future.

Last year the trio was able to secure a triple revenue from their streamlined strategies of creating activations, sales, and distribution services to trends, lifestyles, retail, and media. If you’ve been to Cairo in the last few years, you know that the city has 20 million more energy. The capital of Egypt is home to two of the co-founders of Maison Pyramide, Giovanina Atieh and Maria Munoz.

Burberry has three stores in Cairo, and Emporio Armani, Ralph Lauren, Carolina Herrera, Longchamp, and Tommy Hilfiger are some of the luxury brands to be found in the city. Elie Saab, the renowned Lebanese designer held a fashion show there in December, as well as for the launch of Elie Saab signature villas. And at the opening of St. Regis in Cairo in 2019, along with other luxury hotels such as the Four Seasons Cairo and the Conrad Cairo, the city is a beacon of luxury and those who want to do business in Egypt.

In Egypt, as well as in the Middle East there is an influx of creative talent. This in turn affects the creative economy. Mroue pointed out that government agencies and leading public figures are promoting these private initiatives. “Because of our unique fashion and retail capabilities, as well as our close knowledge of the region, we have uniquely positioned ourselves at the center of this exciting revolution, where fashion and lifestyle meet retail, media, and public affairs. in the Middle East. ”

Working with the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), Maison Pyramide advises the bank on how SMEs in North Africa and Qatar — for example Fashion Trust Arabia — can help emerging fashion brands. In Saudi Arabia, Maison Pyramide has partnered with MDLBEAST in their development of the region’s enduring community -led festival brand.

Mroue pointed out that they have been working in the KSA (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, as the region calls it) since 2018, before the Kingdom opened its doors to international tourists. “This is an important market to tap into early considering that it holds the region’s most sought after lifestyle consumers-that is to say, exciting to witness and be part of the growth of the style industries. of life and entertainment there through the various initiatives and projects we have commissioned over the years, ”he said.

Formation of fashion brands in the Middle East

Egyptian accessories brand Okhtein, started by two brothers is one of their clients, as well as Lebanese fine jewelry brand L’atelier Nawbar. Maison Pyramide is looking for pure talent, vision, and perseverance in their process of selecting the designers they work with. Helping regional brands become purposeful, while establishing a distinct identity is what the company has done for brands like Okhtein, which is what has reached international status.

“The sales and distribution arm of the business also recently introduced a $ 10 million (USD) funding program for newly and young established fashion labels, which offers them the opportunity to fund their production cycles and redeploy cash flow to much-needed brand awareness initiatives, ”it said. Attieh. “First in the Middle East, this program demonstrates the company’s desire to innovate and lead and is one of many initiatives undertaken by Maison Pyramide last year.

Working with the private and public sectors, the women at Maison Pyramide are focused on helping emerging talent excel. “We are official partners of Fashion Trust Arabia and have taken on a coaching role along with hosting regional Award winners through our marketing platform,” Attieh continued. “We also regularly work with banks like AAIB to sponsor and help young local designers get a foothold in the turbulent global market.”

Last year they opened an office in Dubai, an institutionalized corporate governance with the appointment of a new chairman and shareholder, Yann Pavie. “In a short time, Maison Pyramide has built a renowned EMEA track record in strategic vision, innovation, execution and business results. I am positive that we can take the company to new heights,” he said. by Pavie on notes.In the third quarter of 2022 the trio of women plan to open an office in Riyadh to strengthen their footprint in the Middle East.

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