How much household gadgets cost you per day revealed in study

 How much household gadgets cost you per day revealed in study

A MOBILE phone costs £ 1.56 per use, an intelligent speaker at 7p and fuel for the average car is available at 32 pence per mile, a poll suggests.

A study of 2,000 adults revealed how much people spend on various items and daily ‘necessities’ compared to how often they are used – to determine the cost of each use, because the country feels the pinch of the rising cost of living.

A mobile phone costs £ 1.56 per use, a poll suggested


A mobile phone costs £ 1.56 per use, a poll suggestedCredit: SWNS

Based on an average monthly cost of £ 48.30 a month, Wi-fi was found to cost £ 1.73 a day, or more than seven pence per hour.

As for household appliances, a vacuum costs £ 158.80 and is used three times a week over a seven -year period – returning owners 14 pence each time.

While a laptop costs 22 pence per use for nine years, with an average of £ 526 spent on the original purchase.

The research was commissioned by exclusive full fiber Internet Service Provider Hyperoptic, which has created an online tool to help you figure out the cost per use of items, from broadband to gym memberships.

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This comes after 53 percent said they felt wasting money on something at some point in their lives.

And one in eight felt hurt after buying things they could barely afford, with 60 percent wanting to make sure they got the value for their money.

It also turned out that comparing monthly outgoings to direct expenses found that a mobile phone sets payers for the cost of the handset per month back £ 1.56 each time it is used.

While the payment for the handset forward will only amount to 64 pence at a time, otherwise it will be replaced in a year and a half.

Forms of transportation come at 20 pence per ride on a bicycle, which is stored for an average of five and a half years before being replaced.

But public transport results in a hefty cost of £ 5.24 each time a tube or bus pass is used.

Charles Davies, MD ISP, Hyperoptic, said: “Put into perspective, it will be interesting to see how much it costs each time it is picked up and used – from the mobile phones we use most often, to the household appliances that can only be taken.used once a week, if that.

“Especially with rising living costs at their worst, people need to start considering long term spending as well as initial purchases to really get the best value for their money.

“Of course Wi-Fi is the focus for us and something that is used for long periods of time throughout the day, especially with the increasing shifts to work in hybrid.”

The study also found that 68 percent of adults consider the initial cost of buying something, while 59 percent think about long -term spending.

More than two-thirds also wondered how long something would last to buy it, with 46 percent happy to spend more on a product they use more often.

The main things Brits believe they can get their money’s worth include their car (36 per cent), vacuum (37 per cent) and dishwasher (23 per cent).

While gym memberships (15 percent), mobile phones (14 percent) and Wi-Fi (14 percent) are the things people think they paid more than the last time they bought them.

Before committing to a purchase, Brits compared the average to five broadband providers, seven bicycles and six TVs.

Worryingly, 43 percent have been covered by a price increase in the past and many have already seen things like heating (70 percent), public transportation costs (47 percent) and mobile phone bills (36 percent) increase in the past. year.

As a result, three in 10 of those surveyed by OnePoll canceled or changed the power supply and a quarter switched to the Wi-Fi provider.

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Charles added: “It will be interesting to see what moves people and how many things or providers are compared to adults before they act.

“The transfer can result in a better value for your money in the long run.”


1. Laptop: costs £ 526.10 to buy, replaced every 109 months (9 years) and used 5 times a week = 22 pence per use

2. Car if purchased immediately: costs £ 9804 to buy, replaced every 35 months (2.9 years) and used 4 times a week = £ 16.25 per use

3. Car if paid per month: costs £ 135.60 a month (£ 33.90 a week) and used 4 times a week = £ 8.48 per use

4. Vacuum: costs £ 158.80, replaced every 84 months (7 years) and used 3 times a week = 14 pence per use

5. Mobile phone if purchased immediately: costs £ 403.40, replaced every 18 months (1.5 years) and used 8 times a week = 64 pence per use

6. Mobile phone on contract: costs £ 50 a month (£ 12.50 a week) and used 8 times a week = £ 1.56 per use

7. Bicycle: costs £ 228.10, replaced every 67 months (5.6 years) and used 4 times a week = 20 pence per use

8. Smart speaker: costs £ 139.40, replaced every 90 months (7.5 years) and used 5 times a week = 7 pence per use

9. Wi-Fi: costs £ 48.30 per month (£ 12.07 per week, £ 1.73 per day)

10. Public transport: costs £ 83.80 a month (£ 20.95 a week) and is used 4 times a week = £ 5.24 per use

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