How Technology Is Opening Up New Worlds Of Possibility In Africa

 How Technology Is Opening Up New Worlds Of Possibility In Africa

What inspired you to want to fix poverty in Kenya? originally appeared in Quora: the place to acquire and share knowledge, empower people to learn from others and better understand the world.

ANSWERS by Nelly Cheboi, Founder and CEO TechLit Africa, at Quora:

I grew up in a small tin roof house in rural Kenya. The floor, which was once a cement floor, was full of potholes. There’s this part near the door that has a proportionate patch big enough to accommodate my body. I always lay in that place and look at the roof. The roof is full of holes which means the house is flooded during the rainy season but on days, the rays of sunlight shine in a unique way. I love looking at the different forms of light that shine around me as I strategy the different ways I can get my community out of poverty. I was probably eleven years old and I was scared to death before I could change the account of people growing up in communities like mine.

Less than a decade ago, I moved my family out of that house, built an elementary school, started a hairdressing school and set up a non-profit that provided more opportunities for rural africans. to find a life online.

I was born into poverty. I grew up watching my beloved mother tirelessly work to educate my sisters and me. He did all kinds of informal business from selling goats to selling vegetables. As far as I can remember, he worked every day but never changed our lives. People in rural Kenya work hard just to provide for their families but the lack of upward mobility is the most depressing bit. We didn’t sit around waiting for handouts. The systems are not in our favor. Loans have at least 13% interest rates, unreliable roads make it difficult to distribute things and our education system is so expensive that families continue to sink into poverty just to educate their children. These unfavorable entrepreneurial climates prevent small businesses from becoming medium-sized businesses that can employ many people. That’s why everyone is a small business owner who tirelessly works to keep from getting through.

I know that education gives me a chance at a better life. So I worked hard at the school and got a scholar to go to America in 2012. Immediately upon my arrival in America I got a job through a work study program and a year moved on. my poverty, built a school and then started. TechLit Africa

I can’t teach what inspired me, I knew it was something I had to do. What I can do now, I see how little investment is needed to empower people. Hair school is very cheap to start. I already have space and we just need a tutor and inventory, Darling a Kenyan company provides that.

Our TechLit Africa program teaches digital skills using donated used computers that can be placed in landfills. Our biggest expense is just getting them into the country. And that part isn’t too expensive, it’s about $ 50 a laptop. Once in the country, we have programs that prepare children for the digital economy. With these skills they can work remotely for technology companies around the world from the village.

For me, the lack of strong institutions and infrastructure remains poor in rural Africa but digital infrastructure is the easiest to build. And a future where rural Africans can make money online is what keeps me going.

This question originally appeared in Quora – the place to acquire and share knowledge, empower people to learn from others and better understand the world.

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