How to turn on or off Mac Dark Mode

 How to turn on or off Mac Dark Mode

turn on Mac Dark Mode

If you want to know more about dark mode on the Mac and how to turn it on or off, or automatically set to change at sunset or if the light in your room is lighter or darker. This quick guide will teach you everything you need to know.

If you are not familiar with Apple Dark Mode, this is a new feature added by Apple back in 2019 that allows you to adopt a darker system throughout the look, where your desktop and applications use a darker palette for all screen, menu, views and controls. One advantage of using Dark Mode on Apple devices is that it makes the foreground interior visible against dark backgrounds, making it more attractive and helpful in focusing.

Turn on Dark Mode on your Mac

To enable Dark Mode on your Apple Mac:

  1. Go to the Apple menu icon on the top left of your desktop.
  2. selection System Preferences > general and then select an option presented LIGHT or anger depending on your preference.
  3. the Auto option allows the computer to automatically adjust the color scheme of the desktop depending on the light around your desktop or wherever you use your laptop.

Auto mode is especially helpful if you are using your MacBook in a dark room and sometimes the Light look can be even brighter for your eyes. In this scenario, the computer will automatically switch to the darker color scheme and return to the Light color scheme once you return to the lighter real life environment.

Since its launch, Dark Mode has been supported by many iOS applications and the macOS operating system. Enables them to automatically change to Dark Mode or Light Mode automatically if set or you are allowed to change their appearance in the control panel specific app settings.

For example, use a light background for email messages while Dark Mode enabled on your Mac, just open the official Mail application and go to Preferences then click the Viewing tab and uncheck the option for “Use a dark background for messages.”If Dark Mode is used in Safari, the browser will automatically display a website in Dark Mode if the website is designed to support it. If the website does not support Dark Mode, you can use the Safari reader to read the article in the Dark Mode style layout.

Finally, if you turn on Dark Mode when using Dynamic Desktop, the desktop may change to a darker image. You can change this by visiting the Desktop and Screen Saver preferences panel to make changes.

Enable Dark Mode on your iPhone, iPad or iPod

If you want to use Apple’s Dark Mode on your iOS device, you can easily set it up by going to:

  1. Settings and then tap Appearance and Light selections
  2. Choose between Light and Dark Mode.
  3. If you want to automatically turn on Dark Mode at sunset or at specific times, go to the Options area to set a schedule to follow on your iOS device.

If you need more help with your Mac or iOS device jump to Apple’s official support site to book an appointment with a technician at the Apple Genius Bar.

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