Hydrogen Fuel Cell technology in trucks and cars; could it be coming to CT?

 Hydrogen Fuel Cell technology in trucks and cars; could it be coming to CT?

(WTNH) – Connecticut is competing to get a hydrogen hub. Like a gas station, hydrogen stations fuel cars and trucks.

Here is the technology of clean air, but it is not as widely used as in electric cars. State officials have passed laws to use this technology, but getting it here has been a long time coming.

Did you know that a tractor-trailer can run on zero-emission hydrogen fuel cells?

Danny Gamboa a Toyota truck driver explained, “it has more power and more torque.” There are no smokey stacks to pollute the air, and like a battery-powered car, the chime is quiet.

Ricky Morning Sr. another truck driver was sold. “It’s good for the environment. It is safe. ”

Robert Wimmer from Toyota showed us how the technology works.

“It’s a 125-kilowatt fuel cell that takes oxygen from the air, combines it with the hydrogen we store in the car to generate electricity And the only exhaust is water vapor,” Wimmer said.

It refuels in three to 5 minutes. Hydrogen is $ 32 per kilo and the tank holds 7-kilograms, so $ 224 for a full tank, but you can drive 400-miles on a fill-up.

The tank is stabilized in the event of an accident.

Connecticut recently passed the Clean Air Act. Our state has the same zero-emission standards by 2030 as California, where these vehicles are sold exclusively.

President Rademka Maric from UCONN says achieving those standards will involve more than just hydrogen fuel cells.

“The alternatives could be a mixed portfolio. It could be an electric car, it could be a fuel cell car, it could be offshore wind, it could be solar and integration of technologies,” Maric said.

This truck is a prototype and will not be available to companies until next year. The cost is very new and has not yet been established.

Governor Ned Lamont operated the truck.

“It’s looking forward and what many states across the country need in the coming years is zero-emission truck technology,” Wimmer added.

He says the way to lower the price is quantity.

The car sold for $ 55,000, but has a federal credit of $ 9,000 and a new state credit of $ 5,000.

Meanwhile, the state is in a race to get the second round of federal infrastructure money to build a hydrogen hub.

One of the biggest obstacles to all of these hydrogen refueling stations. There is only one in Connecticut, one in Rhode Island, one in New York, and two in Massachusetts.

The state hopes to get some of the federal infrastructure money in the second phase to build it all.

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