Lexar ARES DDR5 OC desktop memory

 Lexar ARES DDR5 OC desktop memory


Lexar announced this week the launch of its newest ARES DDR5 5200 Desktop OC memory which is now available for purchase only from Amazon with a 32 GB Kit of 16 GB x 2 sticks costing $ 370. Afterwards ARES DDR5 5200 OC memory will be available through other online sources in the second half of 2022.

The Lexar ARES RGB DDR4 4000 Memory bundles are now available to purchase online priced at $ 110 for the 16 GB Kit (8 GB x 2) bundle and features. RGB suga and overclocked performance.

The Lexar ARES DDR5 OC PC memory designed for the latest Intel Core processors platform and supports Intel XMP 3.02, which offers more than 1.6x bandwidth than DDR4. Lexar equips the DDR5 memory with an aluminum heatsink to help it cool even under heavy loads. “Built with an on-die ECC, it uses real-time data error correction for added stability and reliability as you push the limits. And, with a built-in Power Management IC (PMIC) , it provides better power control and power delivery while operating at a short voltage of 1.25 V (XMP Profile), further lowering your power consumption.

PC DDR5 memory

“Over the past few years Lexar has worked diligently to develop gaming solutions to meet customer demands. With more than 25 years of experience developing industry -leading memory solutions, we is excited to develop gaming products that meet the quality, performance, reliability and compatibility standards expected by customers from the Lexar brand.

With the growing popularity of gaming and performance pc builds, Lexar is excited to expand our gaming solutions to include next-generation DDR5 solutions and Lexar ARES DDR4 RGB Desktop Memory. Said Joel Boquiren, General Manager of Lexar.

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