Mental health crisis Jacksonville’s youth needs community support

 Mental health crisis Jacksonville’s youth needs community support

Across Northeast Florida thousands of Floridians have received Youth Mental Health First Aid training, and 900 have been trained in Baptist Health since 2015.

Duval County Public Schools has been offering students mental health resources for many years because the district understands that there is a link between mental and emotional health and academic success, according to Katrina Taylor, director of ethical health. at the Duval County Public Schools

Even if there is a desire to help students, especially through school counselors, she also knows that there is a stigma of mental health – and it is not easy for students to seek help.

Thanks to Emily Merton who is a college student and Riverside High School alumna, the district recently unveiled a new program that includes a new website ( grow) specifically aimed at mental wellness for young people, as well as the student. -led high school organizations that offer regular activities and initiatives.

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