Meta enables encryption for Quest VR Messenger app

 Meta enables encryption for Quest VR Messenger app

Encrypted VR messages

It was revealed this week that Meta is now testing using its Messenger app end-to-end encryption (E2EE) components with Find VR headsets. The new message encryption system was included in the v40 software update and Met also tested the optional E2EE for one-to-one VR messages and calls.

Encrypted VR messages and videos

“Security and privacy are the main themes of the v40, with the ability to lock specific apps behind your unlock pattern, added support for 3D Secure headset payments and optional end-to-end encrypted Messenger calling.We’ve also expanded keyboard tracking with some newer models, and added a couple of audio-centric accessibility features to the Settings menu. Back in v31, we introduced the ability to lock your Meta Quest headset behind a pattern of your choice.That’s good for preventing unauthorized use, but it doesn’t have much of an advantage.You can grant access on the whole device, or not. ”

end-to-end encryption for Quest VR Messenger

“Starting with v40, you have more granular control. The new App Unlock feature allows you to put specific games and apps behind an unlock pattern, so you can (for example) make sure that if your 15-year-old daughter wants to play Down the Rabbit Holeafter school, she can’t access.other games on her account that are not age appropriate.This is an important part of security for any and all Meta Quest devices — and should prove to be a useful starting point for parents as we begin to launch our parental management tools in future the moon.

“But starting with v40, you’ll be able to pay with a 3DS-enabled VR credit card, including the 3DS authorization step (though developers will need to opt-in to enable 3DS support for in-app purchase) .Now you can keep your payments safe without having to remove your headset every time you want to download the latest Beat Saber DLC. (Speaking of which, the new Electronic Mixtape pack just dropped last week…) ”

For more details on all the new features Metaphor has rolled out the Quest VR headset jump on the official Quest blog by following the link below.

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