Miami business owner gives convicted felons another chance

 Miami business owner gives convicted felons another chance

MIAMI -Alex Montanez is the owner behind celebrity-loved Organic Food Kings food trucks and restaurants in Miami-Dade County.

As a convicted criminal, Montanez, 38, knows how difficult it is to find a job when someone gets out of prison, which is why he decided to just hire convicted criminals to work for his employees. kan-anan.

Montanez is serving five years in prison, starting when he was 20, after he said he was wrongly convicted of money laundering.

He had never been in trouble with the law before he was arrested.

After he got out of prison, Montanez had a hard time getting a good job so he decided that becoming a business owner was the only way he could ensure his success.

As a result, he opened a variety of businesses, including a shoe store, several mattress stores and Organic Food Kings.

One of the employees of Organic Food Kings in Montanez was jailed for 15 years for possession of marijuana. He was only 19 when he entered, spending most of his adult life too far away from bars.


Another employee is serving nine years in prison for a crime he did not commit. In that case, the actual offender eventually pleaded guilty to the crime and he was also cleared of the DNA of the wrongful act.

That employee is currently working to get his record.

Organic Food Kings employees (left); owner Alex Montanez with MMA fighter Jorge Masvidal. (Kings of Organic Food)

“They’re the best employees,” Montanez said. “They are the first and the last to leave, because they know that if it doesn’t work, they won’t get a corporate job … They get the job they don’t want-mowing the lawn, garbage collection. ”

As a husband and father of four, Montanez said he has no employees convicted of rape or crimes against children.

So why vegan food?

Montanez said he has only been a vegan for two years, but his wife, Elena Montanez, has been one for about 10 years.

She said emergency gallbladder surgery a few years ago forced her to re-evaluate her health and what kind of food she put into her body.


But that doesn’t mean the food isn’t tasty.

Organic Food Kings offers a variety of options, from burgers to vegan shrimp tacos.

Their food is even loved by many celebrities, such as Rihanna, Lenny Kravitz, DJ Khalid, and even Madonna.

Organic Food Kings first opened in Midtown six days before the 2020 pandemic lockdown in Miami-Dade County.

They are located at 3246 North Miami Ave., but also have locations in Kendall, Brickell and Doral.

Click here for more information about Organic Food Kings and to see their menu.

Located in Doral at Organic Food Kings. (Kings of Organic Food)

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