Mom Builds Online Business for Up-Cycled Children’s Clothes – NBC Boston

 Mom Builds Online Business for Up-Cycled Children’s Clothes – NBC Boston

Jennifer Zuklie is a working mother who finds herself surrounded by a sea of ​​children’s clothes. Garbage cans of her children’s clothes that she hopes will be passed on or reused.

“I try to save them and put them in all the trash,” Zuklie said. “I just want to unravel that magic wand and make it next time or that next size.”

But when sizes and times no longer work as hand-me-downs, he combines his corporate experience and his roots for a solution. Zuklie works as head of the global e-commerce vacation exchange business.

“I grew up in the Midwest where, you know, we bought clothes in the basement of the church,” Zuklie said.

When he had an idea for The Swoondle Society, an online platform for cycling children’s clothing where you could exchange your items for credit to buy other items. Zuklie said it’s easy to use once or become a monthly member.

“You sign up and you get a prepaid shipping bag. Once they fill their bag, they give it to the post office. It comes to us. So we’ll do all the work for you,” said Zuklie. “We catalog what it is, and then value it in terms of one, two, three, four or five based on the same amount of that benefit.”

The amounts can be used to purchase other items and sizes that you may have in the market. Once your items are shipped, they are ready and ready to be sold to someone else.

“When we process your items, you have items that you have credit in your cart,” Zuklie said.

It started as a hobby and became a full-fledged business in 2019. They now exchange and sell hardware stores in all 50 states. He said the mission is twofold – not only is it to help families save money, it has a huge sustainability component.

Clothes are not thrown in the trash, however, even small items like onesies are mostly packaged to be resold or donated to community organizations they belong to, including Boston.

Zuklie said the feedback has been rewarding as well as hearing that it has even changed how many of her users buy overall.

“That’s the behavior change you expect people to get out of it,” Zuklie said, announcing that it’s a thought. “Let’s buy better quality. We will buy something of value for the world as well as for me after I finish it. ”

Zuklie said she hopes to see more people join their “society,” where helping parents save and save the planet comes together.

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