Netflix Black Mirror Season 6 in production

 Netflix Black Mirror Season 6 in production

Black Mirror Netflix

Black Mirror fans will be happy to know that Netflix is ​​apparently making its sixth season in stories according to the Variety website. No details have yet been released as to when Black Glass S6 will be released on the streaming network and details about individual episodes will remain behind closed doors. It’s been three years since the Black Mirror S5 was aired on the Netflix service and since it was first launched on Channel 4 and then on Netflix the show has become a global sensation.

Black Mirror Season 6

The variant explains a little more:

The new season of “Black Mirror” is the first to appear since creator Charlie Brooker and his creative partner Annabel Jones left their production company House of Tomorrow, backed by Endemol Shine Group, in January 2020. the pair built a store under the new production banner Broke and Bones, and Netflix quickly invested in the company through a mega deal in which it acquired shares of the business for five years, at a cost that could reach $ 100 million.

“When Brooker and Jones left the House of Tomorrow, however, the rights to“ Black Mirror ”remained with parent company Endemol Shine Group, which was finally acquired by Banijay Group in the summer of 2020. That arrangement effectively prevented Brooker and Jones from making any more seasons for Netflix until a deal was hammered in by Banijay, and fans were worried that that would be the end of the show.Obviously, a deal finally achieved, and Banijay Rights-the distribution division of the company that holds the format and terminated rights to the “Black Mirror” tape-licensed its hit show on Netflix.

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