New sports facility set to bring big revenue to Hernando, MS

 New sports facility set to bring big revenue to Hernando, MS

MEMPHIS, Tenn.– The opening of a new training facility at Gatorade Fieldhouse in Hernando, Mississippi has the potential to generate significant growth in the city.

Greg Drumwright purchased land near the McIngvale Road exit and built a 60,000 square foot athletics facility with actual basketball courts from the Memphis Tigers, Georgia Bulldogs, and Memphis Hustle, along with a training facility and indoor and outdoor turf. field for baseball.

“The vision was just to find a place where my kids could play basketball,” Drumwright said.

It was the first business rooted in what Hernando Mayor Chip Johnson believed would grow into an economic boom for his city.

“This is probably the most valuable exit in the entire Mid-South at this point,” Mayor Johnson said.

The fieldhouse is located four miles away from downtown Hernando, but its proximity to other major areas is what gives it the potential to bring a lot of taxes into the city.

“It’s 25 minutes from Beale Street, it’s about 30 minutes from Collierville, it’s a blank slate. There is a new exit on Interstate 69, ”Johnson said.

“This facility is 73 acres in total; Ortho south has been our partner for a long time so they really promised to buy land to build a doctor’s office here, ”said Drumwright.

The fieldhouse will host basketball tournaments throughout the year, bringing thousands of kids from all over to play on the college and pro court.

“Not just being able to host events but ways to push economic dollars back into Hernando’s economy,” Drumwright said.

“We need hotels there. We need restaurants, so it will take facilities that are available to other Hernando citizens, ”Johnson said.

Mayor Johnson said at least ten businesses have contacted him about the area. Now he is negotiating to upgrade the city’s infrastructure to support its development.

“We had to put up a new water plant, so we partnered with some local developers to help fund the water plant,” he said.

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