Nintendo Switch Sports Review: An Active Blast – SI Showcase

 Nintendo Switch Sports Review: An Active Blast – SI Showcase

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Nintendo Switch Sports Bowling

I spent the past few weeks like I did in 2006 – firing up my gaming console and playing virtual bowling or even tennis. The big change? I don’t use a first-gen Wii to play Wii Sports. Instead, I play Switch Sports on my Nintendo Switch.

Nintendo Switch Sports is no longer available for $ 49.99 – or $ 39.99 if you opt for a digital download – and is an absolute pleasure to play. Not only is it a blast from the past and a nostalgia-fueled adventure, but it keeps you active and suitable for single or multi-player and sports updated graphics with groovy tones.

Let’s unpack why Switch Sports is likely the next game you should get for your Nintendo Switch or Switch OLED.

Six Sports And Three Ways To Play

Nintendo Switch Sports Volleyball

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