Nominations for the RIT Sports Hall of Fame Class of 2022 now being accepted

 Nominations for the RIT Sports Hall of Fame Class of 2022 now being accepted

ROCHESTER, NY – Nominations for the RIT Sports Hall of Fame Class of 2022 are now accepted.

  • Anyone wishing to nominate a team or an individual is invited to visit and submit the appropriate information accordingly.
  • All nominations must be received by June 10 for class consideration this year. Committee deliberations will begin immediately before the latest class is announced on July 15.
  • The Class of 2022 will officially be held in a ceremony on October 15, 2022, in conjunction with Brick City Homecoming & Family Weekend.

Purpose of the RIT Sports Hall of Fame

To identify RIT student-athletes and / or teams that differentiate themselves in the field of athletics, either through their performance on the athletic teams representing the department or through good efforts for intercollegiate athletics however an undergraduate or in the years after leaving the institution. Also give consideration to those who have made other significant contributions to the RIT athlete program.

Nomination Process

Nominations must be submitted by someone other than the recommended recipient. The nominator must provide the information requested on the nomination form.

1. Former Athletes

A former athlete must be a certified graduate of the Institute which includes bachelor’s and/or associate’s degrees. The athlete may qualify five years after completing athletic eligibility.

2. Renowned Service

Specialized service should include coaches, administrators and others who have made significant contributions to RIT Intercollegiate Athletics. There is no five -year waiting period, and those in the distinguished service category do not need an RIT degree.

3. Builders

The category of founders identifies individuals who have been instrumental in helping a game achieve intercollegiate status. If the founder is a former student athlete, that individual must be a certified graduate and become qualified five years after the athlete’s qualification is completed.

4. Groups

In recognition of outstanding achievements, the executive committee should consider athletic teams for induction. The executive committee has the authority to select one or more teams for induction each year. There is a five -year wait for the teams.

Visit for a list of all current members of the RIT Sports Hall of Fame


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