Nurse Education Clinical Rotations | VA Portland Health Care

 Nurse Education Clinical Rotations | VA Portland Health Care

The VA Portland Health Care System offers training opportunities to learn from VA’s undergraduate, graduate nurses, and certified nursing assistants. We prepare health care professionals to meet the changing needs of the nation’s health care system.

We are excited that you have chosen VA for your clinical rotations! If you have questions about the clinic setting up process, guidelines, or clinic rotation options, contact the clinic setting up Coordinator:

Email: [email protected]

For questions about papers or to submit papers, please contact the Office of Academic Affiliations.

Email: [email protected]

FAX: 503-721-1465

Clinical Placement Application Process

All clinical placements must be approved by the VA Nurse Clinical Placement Coordinator. The clinical placement process takes about 3 months to complete (1 month for place placement confirmation and 2 months onboard). Please keep this in mind when planning your clinical rotation.

Undergraduate Process

Placement requests for undergraduate must be submitted to ACEMAPP approximately 3 months prior to the start date of the clinical rotation. If you do not have access to ACEMAPP, please contact the Clinical Placement Coordinator.

Log in to ACEMAPP.

If the placement is approved, the clinical placement coordinator will confirm ACEMAPP and send a confirmation email that includes the education partner point of contact and the unit manager. Once the rotation has been confirmed, the Education Partner must complete the forms below and return them to the Office of Academic Affiliations (OAA) to begin the onboarding process. It will take about 8 weeks to complete.

Completion Process

Before requesting a clinical rotation, the student must find a clinical preceptor. Once the clinical preceptor has been confirmed, contact the clinical placement coordinator with the preceptor’s name and the name of the clinical placement point of contact of the education partner.

Upon receipt of the clinical preceptor’s confirmation, the clinical placement coordinator will send a confirmation email with the forms that must be submitted to begin the onboarding process, which takes 8 weeks to complete.

Papers to be returned

The above documents must be completed LEGIBLY and ALL documents must be signed by hand. No digital signature will be accepted.

Please submit all paperwork and refer questions to Andrew Cox (cc’d this email). Please ensure that all documentation is legible and complete in general. Bring or send papers by hand to:

VA Portland Health Care System

Attn: Andrew Cox, Division of Education

3710 SW US Veterans Hospital Road

Portland, O 97239


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