NY lawmaker proposes aid to travel for abortion services

 NY lawmaker proposes aid to travel for abortion services

Poor women seeking abortion and related services could be provided with state assistance to travel to New York under the proposed move by Democratic state Assemblyman Charles Lavine.

The Long Island lawmaker unveiled the proposal Monday as state lawmakers considered ways to address the potential reversal of Roe vs. Wade decision of the U.S. Supreme Court in the coming weeks.

A decision reversing the verdict is likely to send abortion policy back to state governments; New York largely has some of the strongest laws governing abortion access in the country. But other states are expected to tighten gun laws as a result if the decision is overturned. Roe.

The situation has led to New York Democrats calling for measures to help women seeking abortion in New York. Governor Kathy Hochul announced plans to spend $ 35 million for expanding facilities and strengthening security ahead of a possible influx of women seeking services in New York.

Lavine’s bill is intended to help low -income women who may have no money to travel.

“New York needs to expand its protections to those seeking care wherever they live. In the event Roe vs. Wade broken, this law would allow anyone in a state where abortion is illegal to receive the care they are entitled to. Abortion rights are human rights and New York must continue to be a national leader in protecting women’s reproductive rights. ”

People affected by the move include women who live in states where abortion is prohibited and the patient cannot pay to get to New York. Immigration status may be barred from consideration for admission to the program.

The measure will also allocate $ 15 million to the state Department of Health to fund the program as well as create a non-profit corporation to accept private, tax-deductible contributions to help fund it. The state Department of Health may also enter into inter-state agreements to help fund the program and provide resources.

And the law proposes a “private right action” that would allow a New York resident to sue someone who obstructed, aided or abetted a woman seeking an abortion in New York. York.

State lawmakers, on the other hand, are expected to consider a constitutional change that would codify various gender-based rights in the state constitution. A package of abortion -related measures is expected to be approved in the coming weeks.

Opponents of abortion in New York, including the Catholic Conference, are urging lawmakers to think of ways to help families beyond expanding abortion laws.

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