Ohio Becoming a Travel Destination | News, Sports, Jobs

 Ohio Becoming a Travel Destination | News, Sports, Jobs

Last week, TourismOhio’s division of the Department of Development reported that 2021 will be the second busiest year for visitor spending – $ 47 billion, which the division said supports nearly 411,000 jobs.

“Even if you want to do things a little bit, if you’re a foodie and you’re looking to explore different food sights, really frankly what’s good in Ohio is just the different things that to do, “he said. Ohio Department of Development Director Lydia Mihalik. “Ohio is a great place to visit because it’s easy to get to, but it’s also an easy place to travel. And there’s so much to see and do, from traveling to the Amish Country or from a trip to the Ohio River. ”

Yes, traveling to the Ohio River Valley is one of the attractions for those wondering whether to visit Buckeye State. It’s up to us to make sure visitors find it worth the trip when they get here.

Sure, we know how beautiful our region is, and how much we have to offer, but have we launched the welcome mat – especially for guests who may have decided to vacation relatively close to home that the prices of fuel what are they?

Emerging in Ohio as a travel destination that earns billions for its communities may have to be accustomed. But if we really love it here, why not take a vacation? We make sure each of us does our part to be hospitable, helpful and good ambassadors for our communities and states.

After all, we don’t just want travelers to travel, we want them to come back.

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