Orbofi and Renovi Form Strategic Partnership to Build Largest Fashion District in Metaverse

 Orbofi and Renovi Form Strategic Partnership to Build Largest Fashion District in Metaverse

LONDON-(BUSINESS WIRE)-Orbofi, the world’s first social metaverse has launched a strategic partnership with Renovi-aimed at building one of the major fashion districts in the metaverse.

The partnership will empower brands and organizations to expand their digital presence, help them reach new audiences, and create new virtual communities.

Individuals, brands, and organizations are invited to create their virtual presence at Orbofi, by creating, designing and building the capabilities of the Renovi team.

Renovi, a specialist market and design studio made for architects and designers, has already created high-profile designs and built many alternative metaverses. The company has been designated as one of the key creators of the Orbofi experience.

In March, Renovi worked with several leading brands to create virtual and immersive experiences during Metaverse Fashion week, including DKNY, WyldFlwr’s Phygicode, GM Motors, Lion, Taste of the Future, Prive Porter, and Charles and Keith – at the time of the biggest virtual fashion. performances of his kind.

Renovi has created specialty stores, designed Metaverse appropriate logos/branding, and created novel internal spaces.

Both companies have an extensive background in blockchain and game development, 3D environment design, Web3 integration, immersive user experiences, and monetization for brands, and Orbofi offers a metaverse built -in platform. to a world-class team including people from Ubisoft and Microsoft.

Since its inception in early 2021, Renovi has also built a community of 3D architects and creators, brands, and virtual land enthusiasts, working in multiple metaverts.

Orbofi founder and chief executive Benjelloun Oussama said: “We are working with Renovi, which shares our ethos, to expand its metaverse community and make it a provider of environmental architecture and design.

“We both believe there is a need for virtual environments and immersive experiences, as well as for builders, creators, and architects who can make this change, and we look forward to working together to give them a platform.

“We’re building the future of the web, how users and consumers interact with content, sales, build relationships – all in a social metaverse.”

Andy Charalambous, co-founder, Renovi, added: “We are delighted to be partnering with Orbofi.

“Our goal is to create partnerships with every major Metaverse for our community-driven market and design studio. We work hard to create a comprehensive solution for brands and organizations that seek to enter the Metaverse as part of their Web3 strategy.

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